The new Black Knight Transformer Army VTOL Truck in action

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We recently reported on the Black Knight Transformer VTOL truck after it completed its first test flight and now, for the first time Advanced Tactics have revealed footage of the vehicle in action.

article-2622149-1DA23ED500000578-925_634x356[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

This is a remote control normal truck which was developed for the US Military, which is able to transform and take off and land just like a normal helicopter; it has been given the name of the Black Knight Transformer multicopter. The video clip shows the eight rotor blades having sprung out so that the truck is able to take off and then cruise at speeds of up to as much as 150mph. When the truck is being used as just a truck, the rotor blades are able to fold back down.

article-2622149-1DA23EEA00000578-858_634x355[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

It is said that the transforming truck has been built as one part of the US Military’s need for a 'multi-mission medical and casualty evacuation unmanned air vehicle/unmanned ground vehicle'.

article-2622149-1DA23EDE00000578-847_634x356[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

A study undertaken by the American government came to the conclusion that robots used in missions would mean that evacuations of casualties in some areas could happen in places where a manned platform would not be able to go, such as in bad weather and environments that are contaminated.

article-2622149-1DA23ED000000578-799_634x355[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

When the Black Knight Transformer reaches its target, that person could even take over the driving of the vehicle. All in all this vehicle could keep down the risks that are typically associated with many rescue missions. It is also said that the truck could be used for delivering cargo.

Advanced Tactics Black Knight Transformer Worlds Largest Multicopter[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

Advanced Tactics have their base in El Segundo, where they have been testing the remotely operated vehicle/helicopter. Rustom Jehangir, the Advanced Tactics Chief Engineer said 'They've done work on this in the past with other platforms, such as the Lockheed Martin K-Max, but our platform will be much less expensive.'

[Image Source: Advanced Tactics]

Testing of the vehicles driving components had been made in 2013, while testing of the flying side of the transformer was undertaken this February, however it was only recently when the video was released for the public’s viewing.

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