The Riva 88 Florida offers convertible to coupe in a yacht

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Shipbuilders, just as car manufacturers, are always on the lookout for innovation and Riva have now come up with their own innovative convertible top, which brings convertible to coupe to boats. The Riva 88 Florida is a yacht of 88ft and while the company doesn’t claim that theirs is the first convertible system in a boat, they are flaunting a unique system.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The Ferretti Group, the parent company of Riva, are the ones behind the design of the Convertible Top. The Florida is the first yacht to feature the innovative design. There are two electro-hydraulic arms that pop from the sides of the deckhouse which take hold of the roofing panel and then pivot it forward, leaving the dining area along with the cockpit lounge open to the sky. The roof is stored neatly away in the deckhouse.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The Convertible Top mechanism means that the Riva 88 Florida is able to transform from a coupe to a convertible and then return back again. When the yacht is in coupe mode, the openings on the side, which are between the windscreen and roof, are closed off thanks to transparent panels. The Convertible Top also offers a third option when the yacht is in moorings. The top can act as a 129-sq ft Bimini top, which extends over the dining area of the foredeck.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

"The hard top has turned into an element that is invisible from the side, which can display its major function covering the outer living area without affecting the overall design of the yacht in the least," said Riva yacht designer Mauro Micheli. "This system results from the match between the technical development of materials and movement and the stylistic research for an element which can enhance the personality of this yacht."


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The Riva 88 Florida has different hardware to that of other yachts offering an open topped solution. The yacht is 87.6 feet in length and it can carry as many as 20 people. There are four guest cabins, along with a master suite, four bathrooms, a galley, dinette, interior living space and crew quarters that come complete with separate galley, dinette and bathroom.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The Riva 88 Florida is designed in elm wood on the interior, with the wood having been treated with a peach skin finish that provides an almost fabric like touch that is soft. The interior also features leather aesthetics, which blend in with the stainless steel, the LED lighting and surfaces that have been lacquered.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The dinette on the foredeck lies under the convertible roof panel, this offers a C shaped sofa along with sun pads for relaxing. The stern also comes fitted with a couch and sun pad, along with bathing platform. There is a garage, also located at the stern, which is home to a tender of 13.1 foot and there is enough room for personal watercraft.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

The yacht has a pair of MTU 16V 2000 M93 diesel engines. These can power the yacht at speeds of around 38.5 knots. The Riva 88 Florida can cruise at 34 knots and has a range of 340 nautical miles. There is a more powerful engine option which offers top speeds of a little over 40 knots, with range of around 325 nautical miles.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]

Riva is hoping to complete the development of the 88 Florida hull later this year and if all goes to plan it will be revealed in early 2015.


[Image Source: Ferretti Group]


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