THE SHAMAN: An 8WD All-Terrain Behemoth

Sometimes engineering is about the most efficient creation. Sometimes it's about doing it big and dangerous. Meet Shaman, an 8AWD behemoth.
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Engineering is about creating devices that are more efficient, practical, and safer to use. Meet Shaman, an 8x8, all-terrain vehicle that meets none of those criteria- but that does not take away any of its glory.

Off-roading is dirty, dangerous, and difficult- that is, if you do not have the Shaman. The custom-built ATV incorporates magnificent engineering, all in mind of making it even more off-road intense. The Shaman features three unique steering modes to cater to even the most extreme conditions in the Russian wilderness.

The driver has the ability to switch between multiple steering modes including a 4-wheel front drive for high speed, rear-axle steering for minimum radius turns, and a one of a kind setting that allows the wheels to be turned independently, enabling the ATV to crawl sideways

This monstrous vehicle clocks in at over 4800 kgthat is over 10,000 pounds(!), but don't let the weight fool you. The Shaman is capable of hauling 1500 kg (3300 lbs) on solid ground, dropping to just 1000 kg (2200 lbs) on soft soil. However, that is far from the limitations of quite possibly the coolest off-road vehicle ever made.

The vehicle makes use of a customizable pneumatic system to individually change the pressure inside any tire to optimize the driving capabilities across all terrains, creating better traction while not leaving behind the enormous wake of damage that tracked vehicle are renowned for- devastation that Avtoros claims can leave a land scarred for upwards of 100 years.

THE SHAMAN: An 8WD All-Terrain Behemoth
Source: Avtoros

The Shaman also has a unique configuration with an extremely low center of gravity, allowing the 4800 kg machine to conquer slopes head-on at 45 degrees, as well as maintain grip while driving on an angle of 47 degrees (check out the picture below demonstrating how ridiculous those angles are). The ATV features a 176 HP turbo diesel Iveco F1C engine which consumes a whopping 25l per 100 km (about 1 l/ 60 miles), requiring a massive fuel tank containing 260 liters of petrol- enough to take you over 1000 km (or 600 miles). Despite the fuel deficiency, the Shaman can still haul at over 70 km/h (about 40 mph). Although that alone is impressive, the ATV is not restricted to land. The unique build is pieced together so well that it can float on water, able to be powered up to 7 km/h. There is an optional propeller that can be added to ensure a speedy aquatic, truly all-terrain-vehicle.

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Ridiculous angles the Shaman can scale, Source: Avtoros

With space for up to 10 passengers, the Shamas has plenty enough room to bring your friends and show off your ride- if you are okay with the US $100,000 price tag. The car is fully customizable to cater to your needs, whether you need beastlier tires or a nicer radio- Avtoros has you covered.


Sometimes fuel efficiency, elegance, and practicality is the answer, but in the case of the Shaman, we hope you agree that the brute, diesel guzzling behemoth will suffice to tackle any road, swamp, or practically any other environment you can throw at it. This vehicle was born for the outback. 

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