The Tesla Semi Is Reportedly "Exceeding" Range Expectations

The test driver said the prototype Semi was almost at full capacity during the range tests.
Chris Young

Reports suggest that the Tesla Semi electric prototype is exceeding range expectations in recent tests.

The prototype was recently spotted doing range tests with an almost maximum capacity load of 75,000 lbs, the test driver reportedly saying the truck was showing a higher range than expected.


Range estimates

At Tesla's Semi unveiling in November 2017, the electric vehicle maker stated that the production version of the Semi would have range options of 300 miles and 500 miles - costing $150,000 and $180,000 respectively.

As Elektrek reports, Tesla CEO Elon Musk later said the company had found opportunities to extend this range in testing - the maximum range would be closer to 600 miles.

Now, reports have emerged that a test driver on a California highway stopover has said the semi is "meeting or exceeding the range estimates.”

The reports come from the California Highway Patrol (CHP). The agency posted photos of the semi on their official Facebook page.

The Tesla Semi Is Reportedly "Exceeding" Range Expectations
Source: CHP-Donner Pass

Along with the photos, CHP posted the following update:

"Tesla is out testing the new electric truck tractor. The driver stated the concrete blocks are for testing purposes only. According to the driver, the truck is operating at approximately 75,000 lbs, and the truck is meeting or exceeding the range estimates. Electric trucks are definitely the future. We look forward to seeing more electric trucks on the road."

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The Tesla Semi Is Reportedly "Exceeding" Range Expectations
Source: CHP-Donner Pass

Ahead of the competition

Tesla currently doesn't have many rivals when it comes to all-electric semi-trucks. 

Daimler eCascadia was recently unveiled - at 250 miles of range, however, that is only half of what the Semi will likely boast.

Last year, Daimler's head of trucks said Tesla's Semi "passed them by" with its impressive technology, as Elektrek reports. He also suggested Elon Musk's company is defying the laws of physics.

The Tesla Semi Is Reportedly "Exceeding" Range Expectations
Source: Tesla

Though demand for the soon-to-be-released Semi is incredibly high, it does have its critics. The chair of automotive engineering at the Technical University of Munich recently told Business Insider that the Semi is "economically and ecologically pointless."

The Tesla Semi's release date was recently pushed back to 2020 to carry out more range and production tests.

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