The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now

Finding the right wheels for your car can be a bit tricky. However, we have a few options that will make your life a bit easier.
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Unless you are planning to put the engine of the car on your wheels, a car with a stylish design is best complemented only when fitted with remarkable car wheels.

Therefore, if you want to draw public attention, you have to find the best wheels for burning rubber. Classic wheels like the O.Z. Ultraleggera Hot, Volk Racing TE37 Ultra, or VMR V71 series are all great places to start. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. 

Out of innumerable choices available in the market, we have handpicked the top 10 aftermarket car wheels. The selection of the right wheel is critical for car safety. The criterion involves price, durability, the endurance of brakes, corrosion resistance, and endurance during tough driving conditions. Wheels instill confidence in the driver by offering a true wheeling experience. Otherwise, what we think of as a sport turns into a nightmare.

The wheel brands shown here are researched and collated by taking both the technical angle and as well as the price tag into account. Most of the wheels today are made of a single block forging process and with some using an advanced manufacturing process which is discussed below in detail. Readers have the choice to pick wheels suiting their pockets from a price range of $250 to $15000 depending on the type of construction.

1. OZ Racing Ultraleggera

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: OZRacing

Thise ultra-lightweight wheel is developed specifically for racing. The aluminum cast wheels offer greater performance and accuracy along with lightweight. The car wheels come in 3 variants HyperGT HLT, Ultraleggera HLT, and Ultraleggera HLT CL, the first one being the toughest and designed exclusively for GT3 racing.

The 10-spoke concave rims come in varying sizes ranging from 17-inch to 20-inch. Apart from their sturdy looks, concave wheels are most preferred for racing due to their high strength and being inexpensive to repair, though their initial cost is high.

The Italian company, OZ Racing has a rich experience of over 30 years in the design and development of car wheels to sustain the heavy dynamic loads encountered during racing, offering good traction for racing.

2. American Racing Torq Thrust

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: American Racing

A 5-spoke alloy wheel, American Racing Torq thrust is made of aluminum to reduce weight and thereby improve wheel performance during drag races. Originally designed for drag races back in the 1950s, the wheels are vintage, classic, and a favorite pick for many race enthusiasts.

The tapered parabolic contour on the wheels increases brake cooling and decreases wheel mass. The wheel sizes vary from 14-inch to 20-inch. The wheel became popular during drag and the jet racing when its inventor Romeo Palamides used them first in the 1950s. In 1956, Torq Thrust wheels made their first debut in the November issue of Hot Rod Magazine, in vogue during those times. You better get your drag racing in soon. Flying electric car racing could become a thing. 


The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Enkei

Enkei, the Japanese Corporation established in 1950, uses an advanced manufacturing process to cast aluminum alloy wheels to endure stress and pressures during racing. RP03 wheel variant is manufactured by blending MAT (Most Advanced Production) and flow-forming forging technology to ensure sophisticated racing in Formula One, Super GT Series, and others. The 5-spoke wheels with synthetic coating offer a lifetime structural warranty under all weather conditions.


The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: BBS

The multi-spoke wheel is a symbol of technological marvel combined with legendary RS design. The manufacturing of this wheel has taken place using high-tech processes without cutting the aluminum stock. Rather, the aluminum is forged to retain the high grain density matrix to give high strength and durability while racing. The design process uses FEM to simulate the stress and behavior patterns during real operation.

Established in Germany, BBS has grown steadily from manufacturing 3-piece auto parts to alloy wheels for Formula One racing. Commemorating its 25th anniversary in 1995, the company celebrated Michael Schumacher's Formula One championship when he won using BBS wheels. Since 1995, BBS has consistently been voted as “Best Brand” by “Sports Auto” of Germany every year.

5. SSR GTV01

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Furious Customs

SSR GTV 01 is a Japan light-alloy wheel made to endure impact strength and deliver high endurance strength. The wheel is produced from a single aluminum block to forge into a 5-spoke alloy wheel. Wheels available in two colors, Glare Silver and Flat Black, costing over $1000, fit the bill for Merc as well as the Miata.

SSR wheels are passed through stringent JWL quality procedures and hence maintain the highest quality standards. SSR manufactures wheels for both commercial and racing purposes. However, for racing, more precise manufacturing techniques are followed. You can find these wheels at these sellers.

6. Konig Hypergram

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Konigwheels

Licensed from Enkei, Konig also adopts MAT (Most Advanced Production) for manufacturing its wheels. The 12-spoke light-alloy wheel construction is designed to perfection, retaining its aesthetic looks. The wheel is available in Matte Grey, Metallic Carbon with Machined Lip, and Race Bronze options with 15-inch, 17-inch, and 18-inch sizes.

7. Forgiato

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Forgiato

Of course, the most expensive and exquisitely designed car wheels find a place in the top 10. Its unique mono-forging process drives the alloy wheels to revolutionary performance. The wheels also adopt flow-forging technology with unique concave profiles. Designed in 5-spoke and multi-spoke profiles and priced over $1100 and peaking at $7000, the wheels are available in 18-inch and up to 34-inch sizes in 3 different colors.

8. Volk Racing TE 37

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Vivid Racing

Volk Racing wheels will make you speechless with their stunning quality and quintessential designs. The classic 6-spoke forged monoblock wheel developed for Super GT series, Formula One Racing and etc., is one of the most premium car wheels in the market. Available in multi-colors in various sizes from 13-inch and up to 19-inch. The lightweight alloy wheel will surely spruce up the racing track with great agility.

9. Forgeline Motorsport DE3C

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Forgeline

Forgeline developed customizable 3-piece wheels fabricated from forged aluminum. The wheel retains the concave shape and merges with the flat at the outer rim. The wheel delivers beasty performance while retaining its beauty. The 8-spoke wheel design has I-Beam cross-section for spokes and the rim is heat-treated to endure tough conditions during racing. The pricing starts at above $1450.

10. Carbon Revolution CR9

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: Carbon Revolution

The world’s most advanced wheels have arrived through Carbon Revolution CR9, also touted as the future of wheel technology. The single-piece of carbon wheels are made of carbon fiber, which gives ultra-lightweight and concurrently retains structural integrity and toughness to achieve optimal performance. Truly a game-changer in racing technology, the wheel comes with a high price tag. As one expects, the wheels are to be shopped at a premium price of above $15800.

11. Vmr v71 Wheels

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: VMR

For those of you who appreciate tinkering and updating your vehicles, VMR Wheels might be just for you. The VMR wheel is dedicated to designing, and engineering new wheels to fit your current needs and that can complement your mod's design. Wheels created by VMR are manufactured in ISO-9001:2000 certified facilities, with a portion of the manufacturing and final finishing being performed in Southern California.

12. Vöxx Mga Matte Black Wheels

The top 10+ aftermarket car wheels you can buy right now
Source: voxxhweel

These are simply just sleek. If you want to make a statement, you should definitely pick up these Vöxx MGA wheels. These minimalist concave come in a wide range of sizes like 15 and 16-inch sizes, as well as 17, 18, and 20-inch sizes. The clear-coated Vöxx Mga Matte Black Wheels have a five-spoke design engineered for elevated load capacity passenger applications.

For more about the ever-evolving automotive industry, or car wheels, make sure to check out our Transportation section.

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