The V8 Wet Rod is the ultimate in personal luxury watercraft

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One of the favourite boy toys of millionaires is a luxury yacht and usually the bigger and more luxurious the better. Of course to go with that yacht you will want personal watercraft right? When purchasing a jet-ski you will be buying the same brand and design as everyone else with spare cash lying around. However in the future this could change as Kurt Strand, the yacht designer, has come up with an alternative in personal luxury watercraft, the Strand Craft V8 Wet Rod.

strandcraftv8wetrod-1[Image Source: Strand Craft]

The Wet Rod, which is a rather strange name for personal watercraft, is being developed at the moment and when it arrives on the market it will come in the form of a 16 foot jet-ski type craft made from a carbon fibre/epoxy body, which will be powered by a V8 300hp 5.7 litre engine. The designer says that the jet propulsion craft will travel up to speeds of 65mph.

Kurt Strand, the owner of StrandCraft, believes that one of the most important qualities to designing yacht and watercraft, along with creativity, is the ability to be able to listen to what the client wants. A project only begins once the company has a clear understanding that the client is the most important aspect and that they should be involved from the initial concept.


[Image Source: Strand Craft]

Being aimed at those who are not short of cash, the luxury watercraft will come with an ice box, neatly packed under the seat, which can store drinks. The watercraft is able to carry larger items in a waterproof luggage box and of course the craft can be tailored to meet the needs of the owner. For instance, added extras can be ordered to make the craft unique. These include such things as custom wood, carbon fibre inlays, a custom paint job on the exterior to stamp your own mark on the craft, a trailer, engine kit, GPS and even a sound system.

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[Image Source: Strand Craft]

The Wet Rod luxury watercraft will be available later on this year and it is thought that it will start at US$49,000. If you have yet to purchase your own yacht you might want to take a look at the Strand Craft 122, this is the perfect accompaniment to go with your luxury watercraft. However it does come in with a little higher price tag, you can expect to pay around $25 million for the yacht, but the yacht does come complete with its own sports car.

[Image Source: Strand Craft]