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If you want to hold the party to beat all parties there would be no better place than holding it aboard the Nedship Xhibitionist Event Super Yacht. The yacht has been designed specifically for hosting parties for up to as many as 600 guests.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

The design of the Xhibitionist super yacht can be likened to that of a supercar and this is thanks to Eduard Gray, motorbike and high-end yacht designer.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

He has designed this concept of the super yacht as a 70m trimaran with power by way of a diesel electric hybrid system.The batteries for running the engine charge fast and the super yacht is able to operate on batteries alone for a number of hours.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

The super yacht has been designed with a layout that can be reconfigured extensively so as to meet different requirements for different parties and events. There is a number of what the designer calls, "ready-made modes".


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

For instance, there is the guest mode where the super yacht is set up to welcome guests for such as a wedding reception or a party. This mode comes complete with a Steinway piano and a look that is very lavish. There is also a retail mode and this means that partitions can be place so that different outlets are able to operate within the ship. There is even a showroom mode that allows the interior of the super yacht to be cleared and such as luxury cars can be put on display.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

The Xhibitionist has a restaurant that can cater for around 220 to 350 guests along with conference venue, areas for lounging, presentation and placement areas and facilities for a fashion show and catwalk. For parties there is a disco and a bar, along with nightclub and the ships own casino.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

One of the biggest attractions of the super yacht is the deploy-able platform stored towards the front. This consists of four pieces that unfold majestically and provides space for three helicopters to land and wait for their passengers. This platform doubles up as space for bands along with performances.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]

The Xhibitionist has its own sun decks along with jacuzzis and features a huge viewing window along with special lighting for night time. Construction of this super yacht will begin early next year and it will take 18 to 24 months to complete and launch.


[Image Source: Gray Design/Nedshipgroup]


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