These Fully Modular EV Platforms Can Be Transformed Into Any Type of Car

The platforms are like giant skateboards with motors in the wheels.
Loukia Papadopoulos

The future is electric! At least that's what Israeli company REE would have you believe with its latest development. The firm released an all-new video showcasing three prototypes of its next-generation EV platforms and we dare you not to be impressed.


The video is impressive because it features new cars' extreme diversity. The vehicles look like gigantic skateboards on top of which you can build any type of car you like.

You want five seats? Extra storage space? A large glove compartment? Whatever you can imagine, you can build over these foundations. If you are wondering where the motors go, they are placed inside the wheels.

"EVs, particularly e-delivery vehicles, are in huge demand, due to the global carbon-emission regulatory policies being passed around coupled with the boom in e-commerce. There is also a rapid rise in 'mobility as a service' (MaaS)," said Daniel Barel, REE Co-Founder and CEO.

"Our modular platform is set to revolutionize electric mobility and as we demonstrated today, the journey is well underway. Our platform provides the perfect blank canvas for our customers on which to build EVs tailored to their needs, whether it's a fully autonomous last-mile delivery vehicle, a spacious yet compact urban shuttle, or a flexible delivery truck with higher load capacity on a smaller footprint."

The platforms showcased in the highly entertaining video are called P1, P2, and P4. P1 goes up to 1.3-ton GVW (gross vehicle weight) and is geared for inner-city settings. P2 scales up to 2.5-tons GVW and can be used to carry passengers and cargo. Finally, P4 comes with up to 4.5-tons GVW, the highest of all three models.

"Our adaptable, modular platforms provide the perfect solution for future mobility solutions, offering versatility and freedom of design – for commercial EVs, autonomous last-mile delivery pods and beyond. And with the unprecedented boom in e-commerce accelerated by COVID-19, the need for EV fleets is increasing exponentially. Our vision, to make REE platforms the cornerstone of zero-emission EVs and AVs, is becoming a reality," concluded Barrel.

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