This new flagship hypercar from Ferrari will have just six cylinders

The LaFerrari replacement, codenamed F250, is expected to launch in late 2024.
Jijo Malayil
Ferrari's F250
Ferrari's F250


A flagship hypercar from Ferrari remains the epitome when it comes to performance in the world of automobiles. The Italian carmaker is in the works to launch a long-awaited replacement (codenamed F250) to its previous hypercar iteration LaFerrari, and the model is expected to launch in late 2024. 

The incoming model was spied testing around the Ferrari's headquarters and production facility in Maranello, but there's a problem. It doesn't sound as exciting as the model it replaces. 

Varryx, the person who spotted the tested model, said it sounded more like a twin-turbocharged V6-engined car. The LaFerrari, on the other hand, featured a naturally-aspirated V12 motor that sounded somewhat iconic.

Fewer cylinders won't affect performance

The motor in the F250 is likely to be an advanced version of the twin-turbo setup seen in Ferrari's 499 Le Mans Hypercar, which is derived from the 296 GTB and GT3 racing iterations. The power figure in the endurance championship version stands at 680 hp (500 kW) and is coupled with an electric motor with an output of 272 hp (200 kW). 

The output in the F250 is likely to be higher as the race car regulations cap the horsepower for qualification. The twin-turbo V6 engine can generate close to 800 hp (588 kW) in full swing. F250's hybrid setup is expected to be tuned to produce more than 1,000 hp (735 kW), which will surpass the Ferrari SF90 Stradale with 986 hp (725 kW).

However, reducing the number of cylinders won't help the hypercar lose weight compared to the V-12-powered LaFerrari. This is because the hybrid system with its set of batteries is likely to weigh a considerable amount, which may have a negative effect on said weight savings. 

Regarding the hybrid system on offer, we will have to wait for more to know if F250 will come in the form of a self-charging hybrid or a plug-in hybrid like the 296 series. LaFerrari also featured a Formula One-style KERS system that helped it to recover kinetic energy under braking to top-up its batteries.

A limited production run

Reports suggest that Ferrari is planning to begin series production of the F250 in October 2024, which will set the stage for a global unveiling in the year's first half. Sources reveal that the Italian carmaker plans to make 220 units in 2025, around 300-odd vehicles the following year, and just 79 in 2027. A plan is also in place to offer a hardcore performance variant, estimated at 20 in 2027 and 10 in 2028.

The price of the F250 is expected to range between $2 million and $4 million. For reference, LaFerrari was priced at $1.5 million at launch.

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