This One of a Kind Jeep Has a Buick Engine Mounted Into Its Rear

Some sort of surgery with rebar was done to this 1984 Jeep to put a Buick engine inside.
Derya Ozdemir

Not all Jeeps that you see out there roam the streets equally: This 1984 Jeep CJ-7, located in Auburntown, Tennessee, probably saw the upgrade of its life when an extremely handy guy used rebar to mount a Buick engine into the rear of it. However, we can safely say that it looks just normal from afar.

Source: Cody Brandon/Facebook Marketplace Listing


Jalopnik's David Tracy found the very special listing for the "1984 Jeep one of a kind" posted to Facebook by Cody Brandon.

Brandon rightfully wrote, "...You’ll never see another one quite like this, has been converted to rear-engine, RWD, with a supercharged Buick 3800 series v6 engine. It’s an odd combination of well thought out, and what were they thinking. You could call it a Jurassic park jeep not so much because of the paint job, as because they were so caught up in if they could, they never thought about whether they should."

If this catchy description didn't catch you, its pictures definitely will.

Looking through the pictures of what's under the hood in the Facebook Marketplace listing, Tracy was captured by the "strange, welded bracing between the firewall and front right fender," and most importantly by the fact that there was a fuel tank where an engine should be.

Source: Cody Brandon/Facebook Marketplace Listing

Also, you can see that the steering box was swapped out for a rack and pinion steering setup if you look closely. That is reportedly rare for a CJ-7.

The most shocking part of all, a Buick 3800 V6 was mounted transversely under the rear floor. It normally came with a front-mounted 4.2- liter AMC incline-six.

Source: Cody Brandon/Facebook Marketplace Listing

Moreover, the engine setup showed that the Buick had also sacrificed its entire front subframe to be welded with rebar.

Source: Cody Brandon/Facebook Marketplace Listing

Brandon described the $1,800 Jeep as being in rough condition, but whatever it's condition is, it is definitely one of the most interesting Jeep builds we have ever seen.

H/T Jalopnik

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