This Personal eVTOL Comes in a DIY Kit with a Flight Speed of 63 Mph

Like something out of IKEA's catalog.
Ameya Paleja
The Jetson One.Jetson Aero/Instagram

We have been bringing you some amazing eVTOL concepts for some time now, but this might be the first ready-to-fly, DIY vehicle. The price tag is a bit stiff but if you are a flying enthusiast, this personal eVTOL is definitely a cheaper option than buying a plane, what's more, you don't even need a runway. So, without further ado, introducing Jetson One.

It may not be a swanky-looking futuristic flying car that science fiction movies have been selling you for decades now, but for a four-year-old company that's pushing to get people flying right from their garden or backyard, it's a major accomplishment. A single-person, DIY eVTOL with eight motors that can fly and land anywhere is what Sweden-based Jetson Aero promises.

Founded by Peter Ternström and Tomasz Patan in 2017, the company demonstrated its 'proof of concept' a year later and have been working on their customer-friendly commercial version ever since, the company claims on its website. The result of their efforts is a 190 pound (86 kg) eVTOL that is 9.3 x 7.8 x 3.3 feet (2840 x 2400 x 1030 mm) in dimensions during flight and can be neatly folded into a three-feet package for storage, when not in use. 

The vehicle's body is made up of carbon and aluminum fiber and it is powered with eight powerful electric motors mounted co-axially on four arms. The total power output of these motors is a maximum of 88 kW, however, the company uses a software to limit the flight speed to 63 mph (103 kph). The flight controls are simple with a throttle lever and a three-axis joystick which means you can learn to fly it in very little time. 

Where you will probably spend time initially is during the assembly of the aircraft. Shipped in an IKEA-like format, the eVTOL on-arrival requires some self-assembly, which the company estimates to be around 50 percent. For $92,000, Jetson One can be yours along with further details and instructions. 

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Apart from a DIY kit in the mail, you will also get a race car-inspired safety seat and triple-redundant flight computers that hover the aircraft and perform emergency functions in extreme events when you are unable to control the eVTOL. Jetson One also performs terrain tracking using LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) sensors and is programmed for obstacle avoidance, the website claims. The high discharge lithium-ion battery on the aircraft promises a flight time of 20 minutes. In a worst-case scenario, the aircraft will deploy a parachute to bring you safely back to the ground. 

As seen in the video above, Jetson One does promise a lot of fun while in the air and you can practically land it anywhere. To pre-order, you need to put down a $22,000 deposit for a chassis that will be produced in 2023. 

For the time being, Jetson One has the capacity to build only twelve of these a year, and eVTOLs that'll be ready in 2022 are already sold out. 

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