This superyacht design features a 100-year-old technology to sail sustainably

The tech is called Flettner Rotors.
Loukia Papadopoulos
The FY.01 superyacht.


A multidisciplinary design company called 3deluxe has revealed a new low carbon-emission superyacht concept called FY.01.

The company made the superyacht design public on Friday, and it is sure to wow thanks to its eco-credentials, aesthetics, and usage of cutting-edge technology.

An eco-friendly superyacht

“The latest superyacht concept by 3deluxe is a Flettner Rotor powered catamaran superyacht which showcases the benefits of this forgotten innovation. The outcome is a superyacht with incomparable open deck experiences and an iconic profile which is a strong and powerful statement showcasing the incorporation of sustainable technology into a superyacht design,” said a release acquired by Interesting Engineering.

Flettner Rotors were developed over 100 years ago and use rotating vertical pipes to transform wind energy into a highly efficient transversal force. The technology relies on an effect referred to as the Magnus force and it has seen a powerful revival over the years due to the availability of new materials that make it more efficient and viable.

Although it is currently predominantly used on utility vessels, more and more companies have begun to substantially increase fuel efficiency on large scale commercial vessels by adding Flettner Rotors.

This superyacht design features a 100-year-old technology to sail sustainably

FY.01 is also silently powered by electricity generated by white solar panels on the roof surfaces of the yacht. However, the Flettner rotors remain its main source of energy. Depending on the wind conditions, the force generated by these systems supersedes that of a sail of equivalent size.

The use of this technology leads to a substantial energy consumption reduction and an avoidance of CO2 emissions of up to 40 percent. The yacht even has a backup for its electricity-generating system in the form of high-efficiency batteries that can provide the ship’s required energy over a longer period of time when other systems fail.

Impressive amenities

In addition to this advanced energy system, the yacht boasts some pretty impressive amenities. There’s a free-floating infinity pool located between the hulls and a dramatic bow tip that offers a fire-pit lounge and a shallow salt-water pool.

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This superyacht design features a 100-year-old technology to sail sustainably

Vertical greenhouse modules are also integrated into the uppermost deck. These can provide fresh food for the adjacent open show kitchen. The yacht’s midship sections are home to the living room, the owner’s space, an indoor dining area, a small indoor park, and a wheelhouse.

In the ship’s two hulls are housed the sustainable drive technology, the ship’s batteries and fuel cells, as well as spacious suites for the crew and guests.

3deluxe claims that their latest yacht is a step forward for the entire sustainability industry.

“The significant profile of FY.01 can become clearly visible statement not only for the focus on sustainability and innovation by the future owner but also for an industry on the forefront changing the mindset towards a sustainable hedonistic future,” said Björn Asmussen, Ocean Director of 3deluxe.

This superyacht design features a 100-year-old technology to sail sustainably

Last year, the company also introduced another eco-friendly yacht concept called VY-01 that emphasized a nature-first engineering strategy, aiming to maximize open, light-intensive spaces.

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