This Tractor Prototype Can Tackle Any Vineyard Row of Nearly Every Size

An exciting step for wine growers with narrow vineyards.
Loukia Papadopoulos

In the past, we have brought you news of the world's first fully-electric tractor and the world's fastest tractor that broke a Guinness record. Now, we have a new futuristic tractor called the Straddle Tractor Concept that specializes in narrow vineyards, according to a statement released by maker New Holland.

“Our ground-breaking straddle tractor concept offers a glimpse into the future that premium wine growers with narrow, high-value vineyards can aspire to. It is the result of New Holland’s long history of excellence in vineyards across the world, combined with the inspired innovation of legendary design house Pininfarina. It is a testament to New Holland’s constant striving to develop new solutions to meet the most specialized needs of our customers and foretells a further expansion of our extensive offering – the widest in the industry," Carlo Lambro, New Holland Brand President, said.

Premium wine-growing regions such as Champagne, Médoc, and Burgundy deliver high-quality, high-value wines from grapes grown in rows less than one and a half meter wide. Furthermore, these rows are often on steep slopes and on small vineyards.

To tackle these difficult environments, grapes are picked by hand and the vine maintenance work is done by means of a tractor traveling overhead of the rows. In order to be able to pick the best grapes, the tractor must be small enough to fit in these tiny rows. To achieve such a design, New Holland joined forces with Pininfarina. Pininfarina engineered a futuristic tractor prototype that puts comfort and safety first and that is electric-friendly in order to meet the requirements of the Holland Clean Energy Leader strategy.

The design of the front of the machine is inspired by the shape of a champagne flute alluding to the winegrowers that are its main customer base. This shape has been complemented by a wraparound glass that together provides the operator with exceptional visibility of the vines and all around. The car is angled forward towards the direction in which it travels, giving it a dynamic futuristic feel.

Furthermore, a large easy-to-open door makes the interior easily accessible while a rotating seat offers 360 degrees of views. The whole interior has been designed to offer a supremely comfortable environment. As an extra add-on, Pininfarina has added a touch of wood that contributes to the cab’s plush, luxurious feel, and serves as a reminder of the wood of wine barrels.

New Holland and Pininfarina have released a video where you can see the novel tractor in action. The clip illustrates every single detail of the vehicle and truly brings out its beauty. Who would have thought that a tractor could be a sight behold?




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