Top 10 Most Expensive Car Auctions

Here are ten of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction.
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Cars - either they're beauty incarnate in machine-form or just a tool, usually overpriced, to get you to from A to B. But you might be surprised, or not, to know that there are some classic cars that have sold for astronomical prices in the past. 

Some models, like many 1960s Ferraris, can easily make several tens of millions of dollars at auction. You may think this is way too much, but remember, many of these classic cars are limited edition (often one of only a handful). 

The winning bidder is not just purchasing a machine, they are literally buying a piece of human history. 

With that being said, here are some of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction. Prepare to be amazed, or sickened, by how much they finally sold for. 


What is the highest auction price for a car?

The most expensive car, sold by auction, was a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO. It sold for a record-breaking $48.4 million

This also makes it the most expensive car in 2018. It also happens to be a very nice looking car too. 

Though we'll let you decide if it's worth that much money. 

1. Ferrari 250 GTO Sold in 2018 is officially the most expensive

car auction Ferrari 250 GTO
Source: Aekkm/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $48.4 Million

Auction House: RM Sotheby's

In 2018 a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for an eye-watering $48.4 million. This was only one of 36 units ever produced. 

When new, these cars sold for around $18,000 - quite an investment, given the most recent sale price. 

2. Another Ferrari 250 GTO sold in 2014 for a lot of money

car auctions Ferrari 250 2
Source: Mothide Miwa/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $38 Million

Auction House: Bonhams

Back in 2014, another Ferrari 250 GTO sold for an equally enormous sum of just over $38 million. Seems another owner made a fine profit on their original investment. 

3. A Ferrari 335S sold for over $35 Million

car auction 335s
Source: Alexandre Prevot/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $35.7 Million

Auction House: Artcurial

In 2016, another classic Ferrari model, the 335S, sold for an impressive 35.7 million dollars. This was a sports racing car produced between 1957 and 1958. 

It had a V12 engine and could reach a top speed of around 300 kph.

4. The Mercedes-Benz W196 was driven by Stirling Moss

car auction mercedes
Source: Lothar Spurzem/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $29.6 Million

Auction House: Bonhams

In 2013, a Mercedes-Benz W196 sold for an amazing 29.6 million dollars. This car was a Formula One racing car produced between 1954 and 1955. 

In all, this car won between 9 of 12 races at the hands of racing greats like Juan Manuel Fangio and Stirling Moss. 

5. This 2015 sale of a Ferrari 290 MM was a 'bargain'

car auction ferrar 290mm
Source: Tino Rossini/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $28 Million

Auction House: RM Sotherby's

Another Ferrari, this time a 290 MM, sold for a whopping sum of $28 million in 2015. This car was none other than the one driven by Juan Manuel Fangio that finished fourth in the 156 Mille Miglia race.

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In fact, quite a few were built for the same race, with the "MM" post-nominal referring to Mille Miglia.  The race was one by one as it happens. 

6. A Ferrari 275 GTB/4*S NART Spider sold for a lot in 2013

car auction ferrari 275
Source: Mr. Choppers/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $27.5 Million

Auction House: RM Auctions

The Ferrari 275 is a front-engined V-12 powred Grand Touring Automobile. It was produced between 1964 and 1968 and came in 2-door coupe or 2-door spider body styles. 

Back in 2013 one of them sold for a mouth-watering $27.5 million

7. One Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale sold for a ton

car auction ferrari 275 special
A 1966 275 GTB/C. Source: Thesupermat/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $26.4 Million

Auction House: RM Auctions

Back in 2014, a 1964 Ferrari 275 GTB/C Speciale sold for an amazing 26.4 million dollars. The Speciale version of the Ferrari 275 had only four examples built, and their construction was personally overseen by Mauro Forghieri. 

8. Someone bought an Aston Martin DBR1 in 2017 for a pretty sum

car auction db1
Source: Ed Callow/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $22.5 Million

Auction House: RM Sotherby's

in 2017, an Aston Martin DBR1 sold was sold in California for an incredible 22.5 million dollars. The DBR1 was a sports racing car built by Aston Martin and is most famous for winning the 1959 24 Hours Le Mans. 

It has been driven by many racing legends including Stirling Moss, Tony Brooks and many more. This is a true racing car legend. 

9. One of the only Two Duesenberg SSJ's sold in 2018

car auction ssj
Source: LarryStevens/Wikimedia Commons

Price: $22 Million

Auction House: Gooding and Company

A Duesenberg SSJ was bought in 2018 for an incredible 22 million dollars. Only two of these were ever built and both had lightweight open-roadster bodies. 

According to Wikipedia, "The first short-wheelbase roadster was sold to the actor Gary Cooper in 1935. The other 'SSJ' was lent by the company to actor and established Duesenberg customer Clark Gable in 1936."

10. This Jaguar D-Type made a fine profit

car auction d-type
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Price: $21.8 Million

Auction House: RM Sotherby's

The Jaguar D-Type was specifically designed for the Le Mans 24-hour race and was produced between 1954 and 1957. In 2018, one of the roughly 90 built, one was sold in 2018 for almost $22 million.

What car sold for the most at Barrett Jackson?

According to Fortune, some of the most expensive cars sold at Barret Jackson are as follows:-

- Ford GT Heritage Edition - $2.5 million

- 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder - $1.4 million

- 1952 Ferrari 212 Europa - $1.1 million

- 1965 Chevrolet Corvette Cutaway Coupe - $1.1 million

- 1969 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 - $770,000

- 1966 Shelby GT350 Prototype #001 - $605,000

- 2006 Ford GT Heritage Edition - $495,000

- 1968 Chevrolet Corvette L99 - $495,000

- 1958 Chevrolet Corvette Custom Convertible - $440,000

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