Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

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Like cycling? Do you sometimes feel like you could do with a push uphill or on your commute? Then electric bikes are probably the next bicycle purchase you should consider! E-bikes have come a long way since earlier models and the price has certainly dropped (though the later entries on the list are far from "cheap"). You'll see why some are simply jaw-droppingly good looking!

Here is our list of twenty great electric bikes on the market. The following are a nice selection of electric bikes listed in increasing price from "budget" to "top of the range". Any declared prices have been converted (and rounded) from GBP to USD at the time of writing so are likely to have changed depending on exchange rates. We suggest you use them as a rough guide. Market availability for these electric bikes can also fluctuate so be warned, some may have "sold out" for now!

Watseka XP Sport Bike

Price: $500

The Watseka XP is a brushless 250W step-through electric bike for those with a smaller budget. She has a top speed of around 26 km/h and has a one-size-fits-all adjustable frame. The bike comes with features like a headlight, taillight, cargo rack, ignition keys etc. For the price, this a good well-rounded bike which has an approximate range of 29 km's. For the price that's not to be sniffed at, to be honest. The bike has a less "modern" look to it but will definitely appeal to those who like the retro-feel to their rides.

As you can imagine this bike is more for the casual rider or commuter rather than off-roading. But hey, why not challenge yourself?

Coyote Commute Folding Electric Bike

Price: $640

Ooo a foldable bike! Now you can relive your childhood dreams of catching Pokemon like Ash and it's power assisted! How could you say no? For those of us who didn't waste their childhood on computer games, sadly I did, this bike is great for the casual user also. The fact that it is foldable is obviously great for taking it on trains or reduce storage space at home. The batteries cells are made by Panasonic and they have an approximate range of 48 km's. When the batteries are flat you can still pedal to your destination! It does have smaller wheels compared to "full-scale" bicycles but it provides an enjoyable ride regardless.

Cyclamatic GTE

Price: $650 (If you can find it)

The Cyclamatic GTE gets some great reviews but online stores like Amazon have it out of stock. We guess that's because it is a great bike! Another great bike for those on a budget and another one with an elegant "vintage" design. But don't let the design fool you, it's built from modern materials and technology. The step through design lets those with more restrictive clothing easily mount and dismount the bike. Unlike others on the list, this bike does utilize a brushed motor which dramatically reduces its lifespan. Clearly when the motor "claps out" you'll need to fork out for a new one or a refurbished motor.

It is one of the more underpowered and shorter ranged bikes on the list with a 250W motor and 21 km/h top speed. This bike is designed for road use only and has a range of around 32 km's. The price tag is better than it used to be, originally selling for around $2000. This bike is great for a short-range commuter but long term use with a brushed motor will limit its useful lifespan. 

Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

[Image Source: Amazon]

Woosh Krieger

Price: $1240

The Kreiger differs slightly from other entries on our list of electric bikes because it incorporates a crank-drive. It also includes a throttle for powered cycling without pedaling. Of course, it also works with pedal-assist. This throttle and crank-drive let you effortlessly coast along flat surfaces and even hills. The Krieger is said to be powerful enough for tackling hills and has a range of 112 km's less if you don't use pedal assist. Although not a light bike, about 25kgs, it can easily be ridden under human pedal power!

Greenbike USA Folding Bike

Price: $1399

Most foldable bikes tend to only be really practicable for short commutes. They have smaller wheels and need to compromise on suspensions and overall ride quality. They make up for that with their compactness and portability but it is a trade off. The Greenbike seems to be the exception to that rule, however. It has a rather comfy, spring-loaded seat as well as full suspension! It also comes with a luggage rack, LCD display, and kickstand to boot!

Pretty neat for a foldable bike! As you'd expect the battery is detachable but this may prove to be a little bit of a challenge for some. This is great for storage space but also means you can carry a fully charged spare! The Greenbike has a top speed of 32 km/h and a range of around 80 kms! The range is a claim from the manufacturer and probably means its with pedal assist rather than pure battery power.

Being a foldable bike it isn't the cheapest on the list and if you don't need that function you'd probably be better off going for a full-size alternative.

Volt Metro

Price: $1480

Another folding bike on the list? Yes, you bet ya! The Metro is pretty light compared to other electric bikes that are foldable. The main frame weighs around 18.5 kgs with the battery weighing in at around 3.1 kgs. Because it's foldable the wheels are smaller than proper bikes at around 50 cms. Owing to its size it can't match full-size bikes on the list for stiffness and stability but the wheels are better than other models out there with smaller 40 cm wheels. The basic model offers a range of 65 km's. 

You can get the bike with a larger battery offering extended ranges between 72 and 95 km's. Like other Volt models on the list, the Metro comes with mudguards, luggage rack and lights! As you'd expect it does have throttle which also works as a pedal assist. You can choose between black and white versions of the Metro.

Infineum Extreme

Price: $1670

Like scalable power on your electric bike? Why not take a look at the Infineum. It has a stackable battery system that lets you add extra batteries for improved range. Each additional cell offers around 40 km's of range with each weighing around 1.8 kgs. The additional battery cells sit above the back wheel on the luggage rack so don't get in the way of your legs. As other bikes on the list, this bike comes with a throttle to let you ride without using your own legs. The handlebars come with a backlit display that shows you your current speed and battery levels. The Infineum offers a decent ride but more expensive bikes on the list offer more "luxurious" riding and more features.

Schryerpower Custom Cruiser

Price: $1800

Another fantastically named electric bike! It looks pretty neat too. This may very well be the closest thing you'd find to a custom made "pimped up" bike. It definitely looks to be custom made and would certainly attract attention. The Custom Cruiser comes with front and rear disc brakes and LCD display. It does lack suspension, which isn't great given the price tag. It comes with fat tires so it can handle urban and off-road terrain with ease. The bike comes complete with a 13ah Samsung Cell Lithium battery that lets your "cruise" without pedaling for 48 km's. It has a 500W motor which provides you some decent oomph for powering uphill and of course, has pedal assist via thumb control.

Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

[Image Source: Amazon]

Volt Kensington

Price: $1875

The Kensington is a very stylish electric bike built by UK-based e-cycle brand Volt. The bike looks the business and comes in pastel blue and white options. It has a range of around 96 km's on a single charge from its Panasonic battery. The Kensington is easy to ride and has five different power levels with a throttle when you don't want to pedal. As you'd expect it comes with mudguards, lights and a luggage rack as standard. With most bikes on the list, the battery takes around three hours to charge. The Kensington isn't too heavy with a weight of 21.5 kg's and has a reliable 250 W motor built by Chinese firm Bafang. Volt even claims the bike is as quiet as a mouse, or more or less silent!

Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

[Image Source: VoltBikes]

Raleigh Strada TSE

Price: $1995

The Strada TSE certainly stands out from the crowd with its vibrant green coloration! It even has green stripes on the battery mounting on the downtube! Nice touch! The bike comes with beefy tires making it suitable for off-roading as well as asphalt! This bike offers a longer range than most on the list of up to 80 km's! Frankly, this is one of the more attractive models on the list and really does look the business.  The Strada is perfect for commuting but also powerful enough for weekend outdoors activities! This bike comes with mudguards and rack that allow for easy customization to fit your needs!

Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

[Image Source: EvansCycles]

Addmotor 500W

Price: $2000

The Addmotor certainly has a unique design with curved top tube and general "speedy" look. You'd be forgiven for not noticing that the battery pack is missing so good is the design. The battery pack, in fact, almost fills the entire frame between the top tube and down tube. Unlike other bikes on the market, and indeed this list, the battery, and motor are an integral part of the design rather than looking like an afterthought. The bikes 500W motor gives you a top speed of 35 km/h and a good range of 45 km's on the battery alone. Of course pedaling will extend this range considerably. The Addmotor 500W is built to comply with EU laws and as such lacks a throttle. You can add fat tires to the frame if you want, but the standard model is great looking anyway.

If you're looking for a more unique bike this might be the best choice for you.

Rich Bit TP12

Price: $2000

The TP12 is a seriously "monster" electric bike. With "phat" tires it resembles a motorbike more than a pedal bike! This "mean machine" comes in blue, orange, green and yellow alternatives any of which look pretty cool. The TP12, frankly, looks like it could tackle anything and the manufacturer assures it can! Unlike other entries on the list, the TP12 is relatively heavy, I mean look at it! It weighs in at around 25 kgs. The bike is equipped with a 350 brushless DC motor powered by a detachable sealed lithium battery pack. With the battery alone the TP12 has a range of around 45 km's, obviously longer if you pitch in with your legs.

This bike has three modes, pure twist-throttle electric, pedal assist or pedal only. The battery takes around 1-4 hours to charge completely. There are some nice features on this one including LED headlights and a kickstand. Although pricey this is a great electric bike and ranks very highly for 2017 reviews.

Prodecotech Rebel X V5

Price: $2500

This electric bike has a fantastic name, but does the price mean you are just paying for that privilege? Certainly not. This bike has a fantastic design for those who love the "stealthy" or "special OPS" look. Its sleek black lines mean you can be mistaken for thinking this actually a motorbike rather than an e-bike. Brilliant! She comes with hydraulic brakes, which are great. The bike's range is around 48 km's which isn't great compared to cheaper models and the motor gives you around 32 km/h top speed. The speed is a little underwhelming given the 600W motor the bike comes with. It could be that the top speed has been limited but it should give you good torque for steeper inclines.

The bike's design is certainly its main selling point and most cabling is internally ported. The bike has fat tires which should allow you to tackle most terrains. You can even charge USB devices from the battery, which is a great touch.  Apparently, this doesn't dramatically drain the battery to a  noticeable degree. To some, the price may strike it off their list but it's certainly a nice looking piece of kit.

Pinnacle Lithium Ion

Price: $2,575

The Pinnacle Lithium Ion has one of the longer lasting batteries of electric bikes out there. It can take you up to around 96 km's on a single charge. Most other will generally only take you half as far. Pinnacle is an Evans Cycles brand and they offer good build quality and good bang for your buck. The bike is very colorful, had matching mudguards and is pretty nimble. The most obvious feature is the hulking battery slung on the down tube between the user's legs. To some, this may put the off but it does center the weight of the bike during use!

The bike is designed to be light, simple and efficient and does offer a pretty comfortable ride.

Top 20 Electric Bikes You Can Buy Now

[Image Source: EvansCycles]

Raleigh Motus Hub Lowstep

Price: $2,575

The Raleigh Motus has Bosch batteries capable of providing a range of around 177 km's when in Eco mode. While fine for flat terrain when you flick over to Turbo mode for tougher terrain your range is dramatically reduced. As you'd expect. The Motus comes complete with mudguards, lights and a luggage rack. It also has a built-in lock, which is nice. This electric bike also comes with a walk button. This provides slower assistance of around 6 km/h for times when you are, well, pushing the bike on foot. You can choose between brown and cerise color options, lovely.

This bike is great for him or her but generally only suitable for everyday riding such as commuting but may struggle on more "serious" off-road terrain. Its low price certainly makes it attractive for the everyday user.

Specialized Turbo Levo HT 29

Price: $3600

The Turbo Levo HT 29 is built by a Californian bike company Specialized. These guys have been making waves in the mountain bike world for several decades now. Specialized are, however, relatively new to the electric bikes industry. Most electric mountain bikes are designed to make off-road cycling more fun but also improve your general road biking experience. It's interesting to note that most electric bikes are really aimed for use on roads. One of the HT 29's unique selling points is the fact the motor and battery are built into the frame. This gives it a more "sleek" look. Although a generally more solid build this bike still "bounces" for a more enjoyable ride. The battery has a capacity for around three hours or more and is rechargeable. As you'd expect, battery life depends on the terrain and your manual pedal input.

Elby Bike

Price: $3,700

If you only want one bike for your household the Elby might just be what you're looking for. Apparently, it's a one size fits all type of e-bike. It is yet another step through model for the list which can accommodate any rider from 1.5 to 1.8 meters tall. Although its one of the less "snazzy" looking bikes on the list it does have a "futuristic" look which should appeal to many. This baby has Super Nova lighting which provides "second to none" visibility to both front and rear. The Elby can carry about 18 kilos. This bike should also appeal to iPhone and Android owners as its smart devices provide additional functions and control as well as navigation and phone charging!

Yuba Spicy Cycle

Price: $4000

The Yuba Spicy Cycle is one of the larger entries on our list of electric bikes. It's aimed at the more serious commuter or person who likes to shop by bike. You could even use it for wholesaler runs with its 500W motor and large luggage racks. Yes racks, it has them at the rear and sides! You can even use the Yuba for transporting your kids, with low rails on the side. The bike also comes equipped with LED lights for your safety.

The Currie Centerdrive 500W motor gives you the possibility of getting up to 45 km/h. Despite the bike's weight, the battery can give you up to  88 km's on a single charge with pedal assist. The bike has a carrying capacity, including you, of 15 kgs. It has a smaller rear wheel to lower the bike's center of gravity and the rear and side racks offer plenty of space to evenly distribute the load.

Gocycle G3

Price: $4250

The Gocycle is one of the pricier entries on our list but is well worth considering. It has a stunning design and is an advanced electric bike with lovely detail. So nice are the details that it even includes a daytime light on the handlebars! This bike is very light, weighing in at around 16 kgs owing to its magnesium frame. Gocycle's wheels are detachable for ease of storage in small spaces. The bike comes with a throttle button to let you apply power with ease. It has a pretty decent range of around 80 km's on a single charge. The G3's battery charge time is slightly longer than others on the list at around five and half hours.

This bike comes with its own associated app that offers extra information on speed, battery life, calorie burn etc. Interestingly, the app even has a "kill" switch that immobilizes the bike should it ever be stolen! Although a little pricey its a nice bike but you can buy the older G2 for around a sixth of the price. Both bikes offer very smooth and enjoyable rides.

Italjet Ascot

Price: $5000

Ok now were getting a little pricey but look at this thing? If you're a fan of vintage motorbikes here is your e-bike! The Italjet is certainly a good looking thing with a retro-chic style it even has leather handlebar tape! The bike comes with built in storage bags and brown bubble tires. The saddle is leather naturally and its chain is gold colored! The design continues with the vintage style lights. You can get up to 24 km/h with the battery and motor! This is a thing of beauty, but less practical than other entries on our list!

So there you go, a whistle stop tour through some great electric bikes on the market. Have we missed any? We'd be pleased to hear your suggestions in the comments.

Sources: ElectricBikeReviewIndependent, TheElectricRiderBicycling

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