Topless Tesla: A Brand New Model Y's Roof Came Flying off on the Highway

Should Tesla start producing convertibles?
Fabienne Lang
Tesla Model Y without a roofNathaniel Galicia Chien/Twitter

One of the last things you'd expect or want is for something to go awry with your car as you hurtle down the highway. 

How about having the entire roof of your car fly off? Nathaniel Galicia Chien and his parents were driving home in California in their brand spanking new Tesla Model Y when the vehicle's roof completely flew off. 

Galicia Chien posted a short video of the newly-convertible Tesla on Twitter.


Tesla Model Y convertible

Owning a convertible car is great, you feel the wind blowing through your hair and feel the soft kiss of the sun on your skin as you drive. What's not so great is when your car mistakenly turns into a convertible because of faulty quality control. 

Galicia Chien's family was driving back home from the car dealership—just two hours after having bought the Model Y—in their new Tesla when the incident occurred on the Interstate 580 in California, as per The Verge.

"I thought a window was open," Galicia Chien explained in an email to The Verge, "but half a minute later the entire glass top of the roof just flew off in the wind."

The family—quite naturally—panicked for a little while, before turning around and driving back to the dealership. 

Luckily, no one was hurt in the car or on the highway, and the Galicia Chien family called the police to warn them of a potentially shattered roof on the road. 

Once back at the dealership, the manager supposedly told them the roof may have blown off due to a faulty seal on it, according to Futurism

Quality control is an integral part of any production process. However, Tesla has been known to be lacking in that department from time to time. For instance, last month Tesla owners found faux wood in their vehicles' cooling systems

Let's just hope that once Tesla's Gigafactory Berlin opens they'll focus on higher quality control, so no more roofs come flying off their EVs.

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