Uber Demonstrates Their First Autonomous Car

Trevor English

When Uber came into the picture just a few years ago, it shook up the robust taxi industry, but now, self-driving cars may be shaking up the Uber driver industry. Uber recently unveiled their first production-ready autonomous vehicle.  This isn't just a prototype either, in fact, Uber just announced that the autonomous car will hit the streets of Pittsburg, Pennsylvania in the coming weeks. For this first model, a human driver will be present the entire time. The car will collect data for the company to help them further develop and integrate autonomous vehicles into their business model.

The biggest positive for the consumer when using Uber with this new technology is that rates will ultimately go down, and the streets will have less congestion as well, according to Uber. Don't worry, the company has already cleared the testing with the local authorities, and the modified Ford Fusion is ready to start taking on passengers.

uber self driving car[Image Source: Uber]

It is important to note that this technology is still in the very early days of testing. However, Uber believes that thoroughly testing their autonomous technology in real world environments will enable them to create safer systems for the future. The car is fitted with Laser, LIDAR, and high-resolution cameras which it will use to develop a map of its surroundings. Autonomous vehicles are present now, and the question is no longer if they will take over the industry, but when.

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The whole transportation industry is going to be shifted by self-driving vehicles, and ultimately it will reshape the service industry. Millions of people who currently work in the transportation fields will be put out of work, and be forced to move into different working environments. Uber's autonomous vehicles are only the first signs of an automation revolution. Would you want to take a ride on Uber's first autonomous vehicle?

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