UPS Places a $25 Million Dollar Order for Tesla Semi Truck

Tesla's Electric Truck is gaining steam in the shipping industries as UPS just made the largest order to date for the super truck.
Donovan Alexander

As Elon Musk unveiled Tesla Electric semi-truck during past November, it had people asking the question again, "Is there anything this man cannot do?" His new super truck took the news cycle by storm, creating yet another disruptive piece of technology that will be revered for months to come and be on the minds of those in the shipping industry. Even Musk referenced the to the Telsa Semi truck as a BAMF. And, who wouldn't? The truck specs would make any supercar blush.

Now as the dust has cleared and the hype has simmered, people are wondering what companies are planning to use the super trucks. The list has been growing extensively but it just added one behemoth shipping company. UPS just pre-ordered 125 Tesla semi-trucks for their car fleet.

Let the Orders Begin

The UPS pre-order of the 125 Telsa semi trucks is the largest so far in the short time since the announcement of the vehicle. The order is certainly not cheap; the trucks cost an estimated $200,000 each (highest price on the market). With some quick math, that order checks out at a nice $25 million. Although the initial price of the model is quite high, this autonomous truck will save lots of money to the company. Its autopilot provides additional safety while the battery has mile range from 300 to 500 miles allowing drivers time-efficient delivery of goods. 

The UPS team is ecstatic about the new vehicles and how it will impact their company in the long term. The company is looking towards the future - they search for solutions such as Tesla's semis that will allow them to reduce consumption of diesel and gasoline fuel. 

"We have high expectations and are very optimistic that this will be a good product and it will have firm support from Tesla to make it work," said Scott Phillippi, UPS senior director for automotive maintenance and engineering for international operations, to Reuters.


Other major orders have come from giants, like Walmart, J.B. Hunter Transport Service Inc and the food service distributor Sysco Corp. Before the big news today, Pepsi had the largest pre-order coming in at an impressive 100 trucks. 

The Tesla Truck that Wanted to be a Supercar

How epic is the Telsa Semi Truck? You don't have to look far to get an idea of how much beastly power this shipping vehicle will produce. Last month, Musk debuted to Telsa semi. Option one was the previously hyped up class 8 aerodynamic prototype vehicles from earlier in the year, and option 2 was a new never before seen lower roof version. Tesla's Semi achieved a mouth dropping .36 drag coefficient. To put that into perspective most vehicles on the road are not even that aerodynamic. Its powered by four independent electric motors on the rear axles; the truck can accelerate from 0-60mph with a full load in under 20 seconds which makes driving a fun experience. Without the excess weight, the truck will fly by you. The Tesla truck was able to reach the same speed just under 5 seconds. The electric truck can travel up to 500 miles off of one charge.

UPS Places a $25 Million Dollar Order for Tesla Semi Truck
Source: Tesla/Youtube

The all-electric auto is getting people within the industry very excited. The Tesla truck is encouraging the trucking community to innovate and focus on tech. Telsa is once again proving that you can build an accessible electric vehicle with the vast range and cargo capacity. The production of Tesla's electric trucks is scheduled for late 2019. What do you think of Telsa's semi truck? Do you find it appealing and would you drive one? 

Via: Reuters


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