US Space Force Sponsors an Indy 500 Race Car This Year

The US Space Force is losing no time in getting its name out there.
Fabienne Lang
U.S. Space Force Indy 500 CarU.S. Space Force/Twitter

The still relatively new U.S. Space Force is wasting no time in getting its name out there in the world of motorsports and news that it'll be sponsoring a race car at this year's Indy 500 came as a bit of a surprise. 

The Space Force will be backing the race car along with Ed Carpenter Racing.

The news was shared on Fox and Friends on Friday morning, subsequently posted on Twitter by the Space Force as well as Ed Carpenter Racing.


"Always Higher"

As per the Space Force's recently unveiled motto "Semper Supra" or "Always Higher," perhaps its sponsored Indy 500 race car will also be flying to high achievements and wins. 

Regardless of how much flying will or won't be happening, the Force's name will appear emblazoned as USSF (U.S. Space Force) on the side of the vehicle, as well as on the front and rear wings. The driver's suit will sport the Force's Delta-shaped logo and USSF markings as well. The suit and car will be mostly black — could it be a link to the cosmic darkness of space? 

Ed Carpenter Racing released a press release with the news, going into detail about their partnership with the Space Force, which stated they were looking to "build awareness of the U.S. Space Force in race fans and Americans all over the country."

Even though the U.S. Space Force, established only in late December 2019, as a "military service is a new branch of the Armed Forces," the Force's mission is to "organize, train, and equip space forces in order to protect U.S. and allied interests in space and to provide space capabilities to the joint force."

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Well, there most likely won't be any protection required during the Indy 500 when it takes place on August 23rd, but it'll still be an interesting moment as you watch a car with the U.S. Space Force's logo zooming around the track. It offers a change from its usual space-related news.