Video Shows How Hypercar Maker Crash Tests Million Dollar Car

When Hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg only makes a dozen cars a year that cost a few million dollars apiece, they have to get creative to test the safety of their vehicles.
John Loeffler

How do you crash test a vehicle that costs $2 million when you only make about a dozen cars a year? New video from APEX ONE shows how Hypercar manufacturer Koenigsegg has to get creative to ensure their vehicles are safe.

Hypercar Maker Koenigsegg Shows Off How They Test the Safety of Their Cars

Most automakers churn out tens of thousands of vehicles a month, so they can afford to take some of those cars and throw them at a few walls here and there to test their safety. When you only produce about one car a month that sells for over a million dollars apiece, running traditional crash tests with production vehicles is a recipe for insolvency.