Virgin Hyperloop's Video of New Pod Design Belongs in a Sci-Fi Movie

The new mode of transport travels at supersonic speed, faster than ever before.
Fabienne Lang
Virgin Hyperloop's interiorVirgin Hyperloop

On Wednesday, Virgin Hyperloop unveiled its vision for future ultra-fast travel by releasing a concept video of its entire passenger experience.

From the moment a passenger steps into the station to when they arrive at their destination, the trip looks seamless, fast, comfortable, and more enjoyable than any current mode of public transport.

Virgin Hyperloop's vision

The company's vacuum-sealed pod transit system is capable of moving passengers from one destination to another at supersonic speed. In order for such a fast trip to be comfortable, a lot of design, engineering, tech, and creativity need to merge — and it certainly looks like Virgin Hyperloop managed this. 

The two-minute-40-second YouTube video depicts a futuristic scene of a hyperloop station viewed from above. It continues by taking the viewer through the entire trip, from the moment the passenger steps into the pod to the moment they step out of the station on the other side. 

Electric clocks count down the time left until the destination is reached, each seat comes equipped with a wireless phone charger, the seats themselves are comfortable booths more akin to sofas than typical plane, train, or bus seats, and neither the pods nor the tubes they travel in have windows — instead, big and bright lighting systems enhance the experience, dependent on travelers' movements. 

It's a multi-sensory travel experience. 

High numbers of passengers, yet affordable prices

Not only is it a pleasant travel experience, but it's also an efficient one. Each pod moves up to 28 passengers at a time, and the pods move in a convoy system, where they travel behind one another in the tubes, shooting off individually when they arrive at their destination. This method enables thousands of passengers per hour to move around smoothly. 

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When something looks and sounds this good, it usually comes with a staggering price tag. But, Virgin Hyperloop stands out once more by offering affordable ticket prices. As Jay Walder, the company's CEO explained, the ticket prices will vary depending on the route but remain affordable, otherwise "people won't use it." 

The plan is to turn hours-long commutes into mere minutes. 

Just two months ago, Virgin Hyperloop successfully transported two passengers during a test. This milestone marked the first-ever hyperloop passenger experience. The company's next steps involve acquiring regulation and certification of hyperloop systems globally. The hope is to then see commercial operations kick off in 2030.