Virtual Drag Race between Bloodhound, Formula 1, and Bugatti Chiron

As the outbreak keeps spreading, and all group events are canceled, the Bloodhound Land Speed Record team brings you a video of a virtual drag race.
Fabienne Lang

As most of the world is urged to sit at home and stay away from others some companies are using innovative ways to keep you entertained.

The Bloodhound Land Speed Record (LSR) team released a video on Friday of a drag race between a Bloodhound, a Formula 1 race car, a Bugatti Chiron, and a regular streetcar. You won't be noticing the latter as it quickly falls behind. 

So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy the race through the video below.


Traction on desert surface

Naturally, a little bit of leeway was given as it was near-impossible to predict the sandy desert surface traction, which is estimated to be a third of a regular paved road. Of course, for a Bloodhound, traction isn't an issue as the vehicle is thrust driven. 

You'll quickly notice it does take the Bloodhound LSR a few more seconds to get up to speed, lagging behind initially as its EJ200 Eurofighter jet engine needs some time to start producing thrust and a few more seconds on top of that to reheat fully — which is when the flames spectacularly come shooting out of the back of the Bloodhound LSR. 

The plan is for the Bloodhound LSR to return to the Kalahari Desert for its record-breaking campaign for which the car will be kitted out with the latest zero-carbon emission rocket — adding another 50 to 60 kilonewtons of thrust. Combined with the 90kN from its jet engine, the car will reach impressive speeds of up to 1,287.48 kph (800 mph). 

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The question here is when will it run again. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all events are canceled for the foreseeable future, and that includes any Bloodhound LSR races or tests.

Bloodhound LSR's CEO, Ian Warhurst, mentioned "Rightfully, the world has more important things to focus on right now. Discussions with a number of global brands were looking promising when COVID-19 struck… but as a result, we are planning to go into hibernation to reduce the monthly overheads to an absolute minimum, and we’ll reboot conversations with potential sponsors later in the year. Rightfully, the world has more important things to focus on right now."

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