Vision AMG: Mercedes reveals the concept for its first sports EV

The vehicle reflects company's electric future.
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Mercedes Vision AMGMerdeces

Germany's luxury carmaker Mercedes has revealed the Vision AMG concept vehicle as a glimpse of the electric future of the Mercedes-AMG brand.

While the company did not disclose much, the Vision AMG makes an emotional statement from every perspective, with its long wheelbase and short overhangs, powerful shoulders, large wheels, a distinctive rear spoiler, and star-shaped headlamp signature. 

"The Vision AMG shows in spectacular style what electrification could look like at Mercedes-AMG while staying true to the brand aesthetic. The study's extreme proportions create fascination and passion for performance – that's what AMG is all about," says Mercedes-Benz Group AG's Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener.

Mercedes now plans to make AMG electric as part of the company's overall target of becoming an all-electric carmaker, in at least some markets, by 2030.

The technology of the Vision AMG tributes the spectacular design in many ways. All of the vehicle's drivetrain components are developed entirely from scratch.

The powerful motor of the Vision AMG is its innovative Axial Flux Motor developed by Mercedes-Benz's wholly-owned subsidiary YASA. With its compact and lightweight design, it delivers substantially more power than conventional electric motors.

Mercedes is going strong while walking firmly to its electric future. Mercedes has previously claimed that its electric vehicle, the VISION EQXX, could do over 621 miles on a single charge, and recently the vehicle has proved itself by demonstrating such a feat — after two years of conception, development, and testing.AMG has some experience in electric vehicles, it launched the limited-production SLS AMG Electric Drive sports car back in 2014. Based on the gasoline model of the vehicle, it had 740 hp and gullwing doors, but also had a price tag of around $435,000.

"AMG is reinventing itself. As was once the case with our founding fathers, there has been an amazing feeling of new beginnings here in Affalterbach. The course has been well and truly set for an electrified future. We have already well and truly proven our expertise in this regard with the SLS AMG Electric Drive, our own E PERFORMANCE hybrid technology, and the first Mercedes-EQ derivatives. With this study, we are now offering a first glimpse of how we are transferring the AMG DNA into the all‑electric future, starting in 2025. At AMG, we have always stood for that extra shot of emotion, driving fun, handling, ingenious aerodynamic features and other innovative solutions. And that's what we continue to stand for with our first BEV developed entirely in Affalterbach. We're developing everything from scratch, from the dedicated AMG.EA platform to the revolutionary drivetrain technology with which we will take performance electric mobility to a whole new level," says Philipp Schiemer, CEO of Mercedes-AMG GmbH.

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