Vision Marine breaks the world record for the fastest electric boat with 109 mph

The world record comes as a result of a new standard-setting collaboration
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Vision Marine Technologies, a manufacturer of electric recreational marine propulsion for OEMs, broke the 100 mph (160 kph) speed barrier on an electric watercraft and set a new world record, the company announced,

To pull off such a feat, a coalition of numerous significant, well-known players from around the world had to unite. With the sole purpose of setting new standards, Vision Marine, in collaboration with Hellkat Powerboats, created the V32, a 32-inch (9.75 meters) catamaran hull made to hold the required battery banks to power a pair of Vision Marine's signature E-MotionTM electric outboards.

Vision Marine did choose a futuristic, extremely exotic, and aerodynamically optimized racing shell to set their record.

The internal engineering team at Vision Marine and Shaun Torrente of Shaun Torrente Racing ("STR"), who was also in charge of rigging, putting up, and testing the V32 in Florida for several months, worked together to create the V32 from scratch.

Together with Octillion Power Systems, which also served as the race's sponsor, Vision Marine created a specially shaped battery pack to power this behemoth. The monitoring systems on board were enhanced by Nextfour Solutions, while the outdrives were designed by Pat Weissman of Weissman Marine.

As anticipated, on August 28, 2022, over 100,000 spectators watched Shaun Torrente, a five-time UIM champion and current F1 H20 World champion, sail the V32 at the most crucial performance boat competition in the United States at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. On Jaguar's lightweight Vector V20E, he achieved a new world record speed of 109 MPH, breaking the previous mark of 88.6 mph (144 kph).

Vision Marine breaks the world record for the fastest electric boat with 109 mph
Vision Marine's record breaking speed boat

Vision Marine CEO and co-founder Alex Mongeon said, "I am grateful for this accomplishment. I feel blessed to have worked with world-class personnel such as Shaun Torrente, Pat Weissman, and Dave Dewald." He continued, "This 109 MPH (175 kph) record is groundbreaking, to say the least, and will surely put Vision Marine and its E-Motion™ technology in the boating world hall of fame. We are here today to instill a new legacy by proving once again that a transition to electric power in the marine industry is at arm's reach. We are this much closer to eliminating the colossal carbon footprint our planet is experiencing due to continued usage of ICE engines."

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Vision Marine’s CTO and COO Xavier Montagne added, "The results we observed from this weekend’s race are only the tip of the iceberg. This accomplishment is the fruit of many years of close technical collaboration with our European and American partners. We worked hard on optimizing the electric motors, the 700V batteries, the cooling circuitry, and the hardware and software integration, all of which are quintessential to our success as a leader in the electric marine propulsion industry."

STR's Shaun Torrente said, "It has been an amazing experience to push the boundaries of what people thought was impossible.”

As Vision increases the manufacturing of its outboard electric motors and batteries so they can be used in more boats, more is expected to follow this world record.

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