Meet Volkner’s Performance S, the most expensive RV in 2022

It costs over $5.7 million if a LaFerrari is added to the price tag.
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Volkner's Performance S.
Volkner's Performance S.

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German luxury RV specialists Volkner's 39-foot (12-m) RV, Performance S, is the most expensive RV in the world in 2022 with $2.1 million. 

The Volkner Performance S comes with an L-shaped kitchen, a full master suite with a 71 to 79 inches (180 x 200 cm) bed, a full-width bathroom, solar arrays, an 8-KW generator, a wine locker, and a Burmester sound system that costs $355,000 alone.

Also unique is the use of a daybed instead of a basic sofa in the front living area. This bed makes use of the driver-side wall slide-out for proper spacing.

Performance S is a nice overall package thanks to additions like a sizable rooftop deck, floor-wide surround sound system, and coffee and cocktail bar.

If the space inside the 12-meter vehicle is insufficient, you can increase it noticeably with an optional slide-out or wall-out.

It doesn't lack luxuries

Performance S doesn't lack luxuries. In reality, it offers a few intriguing options. Starting with its 135-sq-ft (12.5-sq-m) rooftop deck, which is inconvenient to access via a ladder in the bathroom shower, the Performance S displays unique features. The deck has six to eight seats for stargazing, observing, people-watching, and general enjoyment in the open air.

The remainder of the roof is used for functional equipment, such as the dual air conditioning system, satellite dish, 4G antenna, and 2,000-W solar panel array. The front living space and the back bedroom, respectively, are cooled by dedicated large and small air conditioners.

Instead of Volkner's usual Burmester audio system, the customer develops their own custom sound system with speakers throughout, including 5.1 surround sound in the living area. LED smart TVs in the living room and bedroom supply the picture to go along with the audio. A 20-kWh lithium battery bank charged with the help of the aforementioned solar array powers those electronics and other interior electrical equipment.

This Performance S is built atop a Volvo bus chassis with a 503-hp rear engine and air suspension system. It can also carry a vehicle discreetly in its garage. Yes, the RV has a garage for your car.

At the 2022 Düsseldorf Caravan Salon, the performance S stood out with its orange and black paint job and contrasting pure-white LaFerrari protruding from its low-mid section. The price more than doubled to more than $5.7 million when the price of that LaFerrari was added.

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