Volkswagen is shaping the future of mobility with Gen.Travel

Gen.Travel is a Level 5 autonomous vehicle with a fantastic design.
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German carmaker Volkswagen has revealed its all-electric powered Innovation Experience Vehicle (IEV) is an actual prototype at the Chantilly Arts & Elegance auto show near Paris as a part of the company’s Gen.Travel concept.

The IEV drives autonomously (Level 5) and gives a realistic outlook for the mobility of the coming decade.

The automobile can replace short-haul flights as a flexible, sustainable Mobility-as-a-Service option because of its modular interior design. Gen. Travel aims to test the idea and additional functionality for client response as a research tool. Based on the study's findings, some more individual characteristics might be added to series vehicles.

Volkswagen has created a distinctive, innovative research called Gen.Travel that creates a brand-new vehicle category in the premium lineup between sedans and MPVs (Multi Purpose Vehicle).

“With its 'NEW AUTO' strategy, Volkswagen defines the mobility for generations to come – sustainable and digital,“ says Dr. Nikolai Ardey, Head of Volkswagen Group Innovation. “With Gen.Travel, we can already experience today what will be possible in the near future with innovative technology. Door-to-door travel at a new level. Emission-free and stress-free.”

The Gen.Travel drives autonomously and turns the driver into a relaxed passenger who has time for other things: work, relaxation, entertainment, and family; Klaus Zyciora, Head of Volkswagen Group Design, explains.

"The Gen.Travel offers us a glimpse of the travel of the future. It shows us what autonomous driving will look like in the future. Thus, in an age of technical perfection and virtually unlimited possibilities, ‘form follows function’ becomes ‘form follows freedom’. The automobile will not only be better, but also more exciting than ever before,” he adds.

The Gen.Travel's futuristic appearance is split into two sections: The lower part, which holds all the technical components, flawlessly incorporates the translucent glass cabin. The window's edge is at waist level, making it extremely low to enhance the outside view. At the same time, passengers resting flat in the car are not affected by anything outside the vehicle—the Gen.Travel's wing doors make access and exit easier.

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Volkswagen is shaping the future of mobility with Gen.Travel
Volkswagen Gen.Travel interior

The interior design of the Gen.Travel is distinctive and flexible, allowing it to be tailored to each trip and reserved as a Mobility-as-a-Service option. The prototype car may accommodate up to four passengers, depending on the configuration. A wide table in the center of the room and four comfy chairs make up the conference setting ideal for business trips. Dynamic lighting reduces the risk of motion sickness (kinetosis) while fostering a pleasant work atmosphere. Two seats in the overnight setup can be configured to become two beds that can be folded out completely flat.

The Gen.Travel with front seats can be set up for family outings to use augmented reality to keep the kids entertained (AR). The interior has a natural design and is light. All HMI (human-machine interface) components are made from raw or recycled materials in addition to sustainable resources.

Gen.Travel acts as a research vehicle, but this is a concept we absolutely want to see on the streets.

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