Volkswagen Unveils New Range of All-Electric Commercial Vehicles

VW showed its commitment to electric by unveiling a new suite of commercial electric vehicles in Hanover this week.
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Volkswagen has shown off their new range of electric commercial vehicles at the 67th IAA Commercial Vehicles show in Hannover. The new suite of cars includes, a cargo version of the I.D. BUZZ, the ABT e-Caddyy, the Cargo e-bike, and more. 

Source: Volkswagen

"In the Tradition of Volkswagen to be one step ahead, we are just now working on solutions for the challenges of tomorrow, think ahead about sustainable mobility for our customers and for better air quality in our cities,” said Dr Thomas Sedran, Chairman of the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Brand's Board of Management.

The I.D. BUZZ CARGO concept van is a close relative of the I.D. BUZZ concept which was presented last year in Detroit. 

New offerings suit range of commercial needs

The commercial van is expected to go into production in 2022. Aside from its all-electric powertrain, the van is equipped with an Internet of Things focus. 

Electrified shelving means job ordering and delivery can be implemented into the car. The shelving system can be customized and the doors of the van can automatically open. 

"This vehicle stands as proof that we listen to our customers, understand their needs and develop solutions that are precisely designed to meet them. In short: We supply to each of our customers the vehicle that they need.,” Sedran explained. The ABT e-Caddy and the ABT e-Transporter are designed to move people. 

Source: Volkswagen

Developed with urban conditions in mind the vehicles were conceived with VWCV’s strategic partner ABT. The small vans will hit the market in 2019 and have a range of between 200 km and 400 km. 

Source: Volkswagen

Long distance van powered close to production 

The Crafter HyMotion concept van was also unveiled this week. The vehicle is an electrically powered 3.5-tonne van whose energy is supplied by a fuel cell. Its 4.2-kg hydrogen tank enables a total range of 350 km.

Designed for long distance VW says the van is close to production despite still in concept mode. "This is still a concept vehicle, but the technical concept is already near-production. We are conducting an intensive cost and benefit analysis to determine its market potential. The Crafter HyMotion with a fuel cell drive is absolutely a beneficial addition to our drive portfolio of petrol, diesel, natural gas and electric motors,” says Heinz-Jürgen Löw, Head of Sales and Member of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. 

Volkwagon consider the 'last mile' with e-bike

As well as announcing its new range of cars, Volkswagen broke new ground introducing the brand’s first electric bike called the Cargo e-Bike. The bike is said to be the most advanced kind in the work, the three-wheeled version of the bike should be in production by the middle of next year. 

The Pedelec (pedal electric cycle) assists the rider by a 250 Watt (48V) mid-mounted motor at speeds up to 25 km/h. The ruggedly designed bike can withstand a maximum payload of 210 kg (including rider) and can be used anywhere, even in pedestrian zones. 

Source: Volkswagen

The energy for the bike is supplied via a lithium-ion battery. The smallest vehicle in the new VW commercial fleet, the bike has two-wheels at the front with the load sitting between them. 

A mounted cargo box has a storage volume of 0.5 m3. The bike is equipped with cutting-edge tilt-leveling technology which means the bike always stays stable even when the bike maneuvers around sharp corners. 

The new electric Cargo e-Bike will be produced at the Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles plant in Hannover. "Our Cargo e-Bike brings together all of the known usage and ride properties to make a perfect product", emphasizes Sedran.

Via: Volkswagen

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