Volkswagen's iconic microbus returns as an electric marvel

Volkswagen announces the 2024 comeback of the iconic microbus in North America, now revamped as a fully electric vehicle, the ID. Buzz.
Daniel Lehewych
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After a two-decade absence, Volkswagen's iconic microbus makes a big comeback – but this time, it's powered by batteries. The automaker revealed on Friday that it would start selling fully electric versions of the VW bus, known as the ID. Buzz, in North America from 2024.

"Twenty years ago, the VW bus, dubbed the 'microbus' from New York to San Francisco, took a bow from the USA and Canada with the T4 generation. Despite this, it has maintained its cult status to this day," Volkswagen declared.

Electric Comeback

The ID. Buzz model range is set to include an extra-long version, capable of seating up to seven passengers, all thanks to an extended 85-kilowatt hour (kWh) battery offering more range.

Volkswagen's factory in Hanover, Germany, will produce all IDs. After that, buzz vehicles are destined for the North American market. The company also mentioned that these electric microbuses could charge their batteries from 10% to 80% in 25 minutes at rapid charging stations.

North America's reintroduction to the VW bus will officially take place on June 2 at Huntington Beach, near Los Angeles, coinciding with the world premiere of the long-wheelbase ID. Buzz. As part of the largest VW Bus festival in the USA, this day will also be celebrated as "Volkswagen Bus Day" from New York to San Francisco.

After its American debut, the ID. Buzz tour will continue with a European launch scheduled for three weeks later, from June 23 to 25, at the international VW Bus Festival in Hanover – Europe's biggest VW Bus meetup.

With this release, Volkswagen rekindles an iconic automotive lifestyle: "In the USA, Canada, and Europe, the VW bus has symbolized a unique life attitude for decades," said Lars Krause, Member of the Board of Management responsible for Sales and Marketing at Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. "The DNA of this symbol of freedom lives on in our ID. Buzz."

ID. Buzz Features

The long-wheelbase ID. Buzz boasts impressive features, such as a 210 kW (286 hp) electric drive motor, a head-up display, a next-gen infotainment system, remote parking via smartphone, and an electrically adjustable panoramic sunroof – the largest ever built by Volkswagen.

Deliveries of the first ID. Buzz vehicles will begin in 2024 in America, almost parallel to the market launch in Europe. The van aims to combine nostalgia with innovation, honoring its heritage while embracing the future. Volkswagen's commitment to becoming a "true love brand" again is evident in this exciting return of the electric VW bus.

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