Wanna drive a Corvette on water? Here’s the 495 horsepower JetCar

The aquatic Corvette is propelled by a 180-horsepower, 1.8-liter, four-cylinder Yamaha engine.
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JetCar 'Vette'
JetCar 'Vette'


The JetCar provides the ideal blend of power and control and invites you to the ultimate aquatic adventure.

Often, when someone uses the term "boat" to describe a car, they are trying to conjure up images of an old-fashioned sedan that is floaty, has a lot of body roll, and barely responds to the road. The C8 Corvette, on the other hand, is frequently regarded as a taut sports vehicle with a ton of driving sense. But this C8 Corvette, in particular, is actually a boat, and it's for sale!

Features of JetCar

A 180-horsepower, 1.8-liter, four-cylinder Yamaha engine propels it. The Corvette has 495 horsepower, so it might sound like a lot, but the JetCar only weighs about 1,200 pounds.

This watercraft Corvette has headlights, taillights, a GPS system, windshield wipers, and a six-speaker Bluetooth audio system, just like all JetCars. It has a huge back wing, is 15 feet long, and has a fiberglass body.

This particular one has black "wheels," what appear to be carbon fiber cabin trim and red accents. But the unique design of The JetCar, which was based on the legendary Corvette, is what really makes it stand out. The JetCar stands out on the water because of its svelte, aerodynamic shape.

The JetCar is an excellent choice for water enthusiasts of all skill levels because it is user-friendly and dependable, and it provides more than just good looks.

The JetCar is a good alternative to a jetski because it is flexible and comes with myriad features and benefits. Particularly in turbulent waves, the JetCar is substantially more stable and straightforward to balance than a jet ski. The responsive steering system allows you to manage the car through tight turns and rapid stops easily.

But don't let the JetCar's ease of use deceive you; it is also incredibly speedy and powerful, allowing you to go at exhilarating speeds on the water. The Yamaha engine's steady performance will allow you to enjoy hours on the lake without worrying.

Due to the JetCar's modest size, which is convenient for storage and transportation, you can take it wherever you go on the water. Because of its low-maintenance design, you can spend more time enjoying your time on the road and less time worrying about maintenance.

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