Watch An Emirates A380 Land In A Ferocious Crosswind

The airliner struggled to make a smooth landing into Dusseldorf this week, fighting crosswinds leftover from Storm Xavier.
Danielle  De La Bastide

A 500-seat Emirates Airbus A380 was captured on film successfully landing in a terrifying crosswind at Dusseldorf airport in Germany this week.

Flying in from Dubai, the plane’s difficult touchdown was captured by Martin Bogdan who goes by the name "Cargospotter" on YouTube.

"I have filmed a few thousand crosswind landings at several airports in Europe within the past years, but this Airbus A380 crosswind landing was extremely hard and extraordinary," Bogdan wrote.

"At first it looked like a pretty normal crosswind approach, but after touchdown, the pilots tried to align with the runway, which looked pretty incredible. I have never seen such a tremendous reaction of an airplane after a touchdown. You can see that the pilots tried to align with the runway by using the tail rudder and luckily it worked out."

In the clip the plane can be seen coming in for a landing, swerving from side to side with the tail rudder swiveling wildly as the pilot attempted to realign with the runway.

An Emirates spokeswoman said in a statement: "Emirates flight EK 55 on 5 October 2017 landed safely in Dusseldorf under strong crosswind conditions. At no point was the safety of the passengers and crew onboard compromised."

No word yet on what the passengers thought of the landing. Though a Reddit thread responding to the video had a slew of both helpful and hilarious opinions.

One commenter called theAVP answered a question posed to the group regarding the level of danger the passengers were actually under.


“It's just a crosswind landing. Fly in with a horizontal angle of attack ("a bit sideways", so your real direction is parallel to the runway heading), straighten up/get the wheels parallel just before the runway and try to keep level wings and steer and rudder to keep the nose wheel on the center of the runway.”

While another Reddit user Apocalypse-Cow had this to say regarding the near miss landing,

“It looks like a standard crosswind landing, but the pilot overcorrected just before touching down causing the swerving.”

Overcorrection or pilot-induced oscillation are sustained or uncontrollable oscillations resulting from the efforts of the pilot to control the aircraft and happens when the pilot of an airplane inadvertently commands an often increasing series of corrections in opposite directions.

Judging by the footage, that could very well be the cause of the wobbly landing, in addition to the high crosswinds.

Meanwhile, another commenter called M7madDKA had a funnier outlook.

“Co-pilot: I bet you can't drift a plane.

Pilot: Hold my beer.”


Watch An Emirates A380 Land In A Ferocious Crosswind
Source: Pixabay

Crosswinds are any wind that has a perpendicular component to the line of direction of travel. In aviation, it’s basically just a wind that is blowing across the runway, making a take-off or touch down much more difficult than a wind blowing straight down the tarmac. They are usually reported in knots and airliners are usually built to withstand very strong crosswinds.