Watch BMW's "Dune Taxi" display what's possible with all electric four wheel drive

Except that it isn't completely a BMW.
Ameya Paleja
BMW's Dune Taxi climbing a sand dune with a 50-degree incline
BMW's Dune Taxi climbing a sand dune with a 50-degree incline

BMW Middle East 

In a short video clip released by its Middle East office, the German car manufacturer BMW has unveiled its Dune Taxi, a four-wheel all-electric drive that opens up a world of possibilities for the future.

Before we get into the details of the car, there is some sublime driving on display here. While it does not have the tension of an F&F movie, it is more than you can think you will ever get in a sub-five-minute clip. It might not push you to the edge of the seat, but what is on display is eye-catching. Have a look.

BMW's Dune Taxi

The video offers scant details about the EV itself. We are told that the body is made from Natural Fibre Reinforced Polymer, a plant-based material similar to carbon fiber and that it packs 536 horsepower.

The Taxi drives equally well on and off the roads, and somewhere in the middle of the clip, the Dune Taxi meets its competitor, the X6 competition SUVs that have been on the ground for a while now and pack more horsepower and torque in their engines.

As the video shows, the Dune Taxi, driven by rally racer Abdo Feghali, and the Red Bull Driftbrothers X6 go one-to-one to display BMW's technologies. Later the electric 4x4 manages to give them the slip, leading to its next target, the 984-foot-tall sand dune, Tal Moreeb.

The sand dune isn't an easy beast to tame, as multiple YouTube videos have shown us in the past, but even the 50-degree incline of the dune is easy pickings for the Dune Taxi, which will get anybody excited about this off-road vehicle.

Where the excitement stops

A video of such intensity and with the BMW brand plastered all over would surely get everybody interested in what the company has planned for the near future. Last week, IE reported how its sixth-generation batteries could easily surpass the 620-mile (1,000 km) range and the company was working to make its batteries greener.

In a statement to BMWBlog, a BMW spokesperson from the Middle East team said that BMW didn't immediately have any plans to get into off-road racing with its Dune Taxi. Rather, the Dune Taxi itself was for purposes of entertainment alone. If anything, the video could be used as a demonstration of what could be possible with the electrification of the M cars.

If that was a tad disappointing, BMW fans would be devasted to know that the Dune Taxi is only a BMW body, with nothing inside to call it a true-blue BMW. What is seen in the video above is a rally car from Spark Racing Technology with a BMW body slapped on its chassis.

This is quite bad, considering the least the company could do is put a BMW powertrain in the vehicle so that some would be content that the 50-degree incline of the Tal Moreeb was conquered by a BMW engine. Alas, that will have to wait.

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