Watch as Tesla's Autopilot Technology Predicts an Accident

In a new dashcam video, Tesla's Autopilot 2.0 system warns a driver of a wreck two cars ahead before the wreck even happens.
Shelby Rogers

Tesla contends its new Autopilot radar technology can be extremely useful in hazardous road conditions. A recent video from the Netherlands supports that claim.

The video comes from the dashcam of a Tesla Model X. You can hear the frantic beeping of the Autopilot's forward collision monitor predict the accident before the driver reacted. The video then shows the vehicle in front of the Model X hit the back of an SUV two cars ahead. The SUV rolls several times as the Tesla brakes.

The radar technology allows the Autopilot system to track not only your car's data but also keep tabs on cars two ahead of you. The radar can see what the driver often times cannot.

Hands Noordsjj submitted the video and said everyone "turned out to be OK." Noordsjj also responded to tweets asking if the driver braked first or the car:

Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the updates between Autopilot 1.0 and Autopilot 2.0, saying the updates would be out soon.

No word yet from Musk regarding the incident in the Netherlands. To get a better scope of everything offered by the system's full autonomy setting, check out this video below:

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