We'll Have Flying Taxis by 2023 Thanks to Volocopter, Japan Airlines

If all goes to plan with Volocopter and Japan Airlines' new agreement.
Fabienne Lang
Volocopters over TokyoVolocopter

The future of the Urban Air Mobility industry took a leap forward on Tuesday after Volocopter and Japan Airlines (JAL) signed an agreement to work together. 

The plan is for the two companies to work together to develop an air taxi service in Japan. The hope is to see these flying around for commercial uses in the upcoming years. 

The new agreement hopes to push forward clean and efficient travel solutions for the future. 


Flying taxi services

If you look up into Tokyo's sky in 2023 and beyond, you'll likely see electric aircraft buzzing around ferrying passengers and cargo high above the skyscrapers. That's what Volocopter and JAL are aiming for, in any case. 

German company Volocopter's electric aircraft sports 18 rotors and can carry up to two passengers, or the equivalent in goods, for up to 21 miles (35km), at speeds of up to 68 mph (110 kmh)

Moreover, the aircraft run on clean energy, and the company hopes to minimize travel time as well as carbon emissions. 

It's no real surprise JAL is joining up with Volocopter, as the Japanese airline company invested in Volocopter earlier this year. The new agreement between the two companies forges their collaboration even further. The plan is to push forward air mobility solutions in Japan's cities and prefectures. 

JAL's experience in safe aircraft operation combined with Volocopter's knowledge of battery-powered aircraft make for a strong collaboration. 

Volocopter's aircraft have already been seen in the world's skies, as this time in 2017 when it flew an autonomous air taxi in Dubai.

The future is moving towards more air mobility solutions, just take a look at these 11 projects for future flying cars. We're not sure if everyone will have to have a pilot's licence moving forward, regardless, these could be fantastic solutions to our over-crowded roads and air pollution.

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