Wheelchair Users can Rough it Thanks to the HexHog ATV

Thanks to the HexHog ATV anyone confined to a wheelchair is able to enjoy a ride over the roughest of terrains.
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Being confined to a wheelchair usually means missing out on a lot of activities, a fun day out on an ATV for example. However thanks to the HexHog ATV, anyone confined to a wheelchair is able to enjoy a ride over the roughest of terrains.


[Image Source: HexHog]

The HexHog is a 6 wheeled ATV from British engineer Sion Pierce and it can take whatever conditions and terrain come its way. It is the result of over five years of engineering and the HexHog was put through its paces in the rugged landscape of North Wales. The HexHog does have the classification of an ATV and not a wheelchair but an additional kit can be bought so that it can be driven on the road- the owner would, however, need a drivers license.


[Image Source: HexHog]

The power for the HexHog is delivered by way of a lithium-ion battery along with two sealed pancake motors which are able to drive the wheels independent of each other. The ATV has a range of between 8 and 12 miles, dependent on the type of terrain the owner drives it on.


[Image Source: HexHog]

It takes no more than two and a half hours to charge the battery and the ATV can be carried on a trailer as it comes in with a weight of 275kg, measuring a little under 4 feet. When going flat out it can reach speeds of up to 8.5mph and manage gradients of 50%.


[Image Source: HexHog]

The HexHog is easy to control via a joystick and the seating can be lowered down to ensure that moving between the ATV and wheelchair is easy. If you want to get your hands on the ATV it has a price tag starting from £18,000 going up to the top of the line at £25,000.

hexhog-atv-wheelchair-11[Image Source: HexHog]