Wide Path Camper is the ultimate in lightweight caravans for two

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If you have a tandem and add a tow bar on the back all you need is the Wide Path Camper and you can pedal off into the sunset and enjoy a cheap holiday for two. That’s because the Wide Path Camper is a caravan built for two that is small enough to be towed behind a pedal bike. Of course you would have to be fit and healthy but you could essentially tour around and stop at any camp site along the way. At the moment the tiny caravan for two is in the prototype stage but it does look very promising.


[Image Source: Wide Path Camper]

The Wide Path Camper does look to be fairly roomy and it offers enough room for two adults and one child. Unloaded the caravan comes in at 40kg, so it is light weight.


[Image Source: Wide Path Camper]

The caravan has 300 litres of storage space along with a seating areas and a table that can be folded away when not in use. The seating areas double up into beds when needed and there are curtains at the window to ensure privacy within.


[Image Source: Wide Path Camper]

There is a small kitchen area outside and residents can put up the awning if they want to sit outside in the shade. Solar panels can be put onto the roof of the tiny caravan and these will provide power for smartphones and small tablets. When it is being towed behind a bike or car the camper van folds to a shape that is compact.

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[Image Source: Wide Path Camper]

Johansen published some photos of what he says are the early prototype of the Wide Path Camper and so some of the design could change. If all goes to plan the finished version will be made available for purchase during Q2 of 2015 and it will come in with a price tag of US$2,500.




[Image Source: Wide Path Camper]

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