World's ‘most advanced’ zero-emissions electric passenger ferry plan unveiled

The vessel is claimed to fly above the water thanks to its electric propulsion technology.
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Artemis EF-24 Passenger Ferry.
Artemis EF-24 Passenger Ferry.

Artemis Technologies

Targeting the worldwide high-speed ferry industry, a maritime design and technologies company has presented the plan for its new 100 percent electric EF-24 passenger vehicle.

EF-24 is one of many zero-emission ships being created by Artemis Technologies in Belfast, Northern Ireland, according to a press release published by the company on Sunday.

"Our high-speed passenger ferry provides a cost-effective public transport solution that helps address air pollution, congestion, and noise," said Dr. Iain Percy OBE, Artemis Technologies founder, and CEO.

"We have combined our experience from the worlds of high-performance sailing, motorsports, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing to design and develop an electric propulsion system that is quite simply a game changer for the maritime industry," added Percy, who is also a two-time sailing Olympic champion.

World's ‘most advanced’ zero-emissions electric passenger ferry plan unveiled
Artemis EF-24 Passenger Ferry.

The 24m vessel is claimed to fly above the water thanks to its electric propulsion technology, which will also greatly lessen the impact of motion sickness and deliver a comfortable trip for up to 150 passengers.

The vessel will fly with its underwater wings rising up like an airplane taking off at a top speed of 69 kilometers per hour.

The boats will have a wide range of amenities on board, including bike racks, cabin bags and overhead storage, baby changing facilities, and charging ports. They will also be completely accessible and extraordinarily roomy, according to the company.

The ships will also have a special high-speed collision avoidance system that was created in collaboration with ECIT, a division of Queen's University Belfast. By securely diverting the ferry on a different path away from sea life, wildlife, garbage, and other in-water objects that would be hidden from view otherwise, the technology will protect the safety of operations in port and near to shore, claimed the maritime transport company.

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Green transportation

World's ‘most advanced’ zero-emissions electric passenger ferry plan unveiled
EF-24 Passenger ferry interiors.

The company also claims to offer operators, communities, and governments from all over the world commercially viable green transportation alternatives.

"Especially where new infrastructure is required like a new road or rail line, this ferry will not only be the cheapest, but also the fastest and least disruptive way to decarbonise transport networks in water-based cities," said Perry.

"The development of such world-leading technology will ensure that Belfast remains at the forefront of maritime innovation, while providing a boost to the local green economy," said Chris Heaton-Harris, secretary of State for Northern Ireland.

World's ‘most advanced’ zero-emissions electric passenger ferry plan unveiled
EF-24 Passenger ferry will have a bike and luggage storage.

EF-24 vessel will be tested in 2024

These brand-new ships will run a 25-minute route between Belfast and Bangor in Northern Ireland. However, this is not the first environmentally friendly ferry route to begin service in the UK.

The trial program, which is scheduled to begin in 2024, is being run by Artemis Technologies in collaboration with Condor Ferries.

The first ferry launch is anticipated to generate 125 new jobs, and when additional services are introduced over the course of the next 10 years, that number might increase to 1,000, according to Euronews.

Earlier this year, the "largest" 100 percent electric foiling vessel in the world, the "Pioneer of Belfast," was introduced by Artemis Technologies as part of its efforts to decarbonize the maritime industry.

The company also unveiled a line of electric workboats that includes a 12m multi-purpose workboat and a 12m crew transfer vessel, with a 24m crew transfer vessel also currently under development.

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