World's Fastest Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Is in the Works

Daymak's upcoming Spiritus EV apparently "rides like a go kart."
Fabienne Lang
The SpiritusDaymak

Strap your seatbelt on and get ready for the best grown-up go kart ride of your life.

Daymak's latest invention joins the ranks of its Avvenire Series and comes in the shape of a three-wheeled electric car — the Spiritus. It's going to be the world's fastest electric three-wheeled car says the company. 

Daymak has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the car, which comes with its own solar panels for trickle charging, a regeneration system, and the company's own wireless charger. The goal is to reach 50,000 pre-orders through the campaign.

World's Fastest Three-Wheeled Electric Vehicle Is in the Works
Daymak's latest EV: the Spiritus. Source: Daymak

The two-seater three-wheeler's Ultimate model offers a speedy acceleration from zero to 96.5 km/h (60 mph) in 1.8 seconds, has a decent 480 km (298 mile) range, and starts at $149,000.

The Deluxe version of the Spiritus starts at a comfortable $19,995 with a moderate 186 mile (300km) range, but without the zippy acceleration, the Ultimate boasts. 

By slapping down just a $100 deposit now, you'll guarantee your order and a lower price for the vehicle than when it officially goes on sale later on. It'll also give you a $100 bonus coupon to use for any of Daymak's e-bikes or small electric vehicles already available for sale. 

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The other five individual vehicles that already exist as part of Daymak's fascinating Avvenire Series include the Terra, an on-and-off-road e-bike; the Foras, a covered recumbent bike; the Tectus, a fully electric AWD scooter; the Aspero, a lightweight enclosed ATV; and the Skyrider, a high-performance electric vehicle capable of flying and belongs in every sci-fi movie out there. 

The crowdfunding campaign for the Spiritus will remain open until the end of July this year, after when the offer closes. The plan is for Daymak to start production in 2023.

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