World's Reportedly Largest Pickup Truck Has 4 Bedrooms, Weighs 50 Tons

This massive copy of Dodge's 1950 Power Wagon model is 64 times larger.
Fabienne Lang

There's a massive red pickup truck in the UAE's desert, and it might just be the world's biggest one ever to grace our planet.

Say hello to the specially designed Dodge Power Wagon replica that weighs a mighty 50 tons, houses four air-conditioned bedrooms, a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom, and a patio, reported FinancialExpress.

Based off Dodge's 1950 model of the Power Wagon pickup truck, this larger-than-life version was commissioned by the Rainbow Sheikh, officially known as Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan, for his incredible 200-strong car collection at the Emirates National Auto Museum, 45 minutes away from Abu Dhabi city.

This epic truck doesn't merely sit stock still looking pretty, it is actually registered to drive on Abu Dhabi's roads.

It only took a few months to build, and it's able to move thanks to its humongous wheels that have reportedly been sourced from an oil rig transporter, its windshield wipers have been taken from an ocean liner, and its headlamps alone cost approximately $1,390, per FinancialExpress. Although it has to be noted that $1,390 is the equivalent of pennies to the billionaire Rainbow Sheikh, who, according to Throttle Extreme, is worth some $150 billion.

The Sheikh chose this particular 1950 model because the Dodge Power Wagon was one of the first vehicles used by oil pioneers in the 1950s, explained Throttle Extreme, and basing his mega truck on it was a nod to the oil boom during that decade.

So, if you're in the mood to go check out possibly one of, if not the, world's largest, most extreme pick-up truck, then head to Abu Dhabi. It certainly sounds like you'll be amazed at the vehicle's grandeur, as well as the Sheikh's vast collection of impressive vehicles.

Fun fact: The Sheikh got his nickname of Rainbow Sheikh after he bought seven Mercedes 500 SELs, and had them painted in the colors of the rainbow.

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