China’s XPeng revealed the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle: 160 miles in 5 mins

The electric vehicle also offers the first full-scenario driver assistance.
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XPeng G9
XPeng G9


In an attempt to tackle range anxiety, Chinese automaker XPeng has revealed the fastest charging electric vehicle, G9, which also features industry-first full-scenario driver assistance.

The G9 model from XPeng features a brand-new powertrain system built on China's first 800 V Silicon Carbide (SiC) mass production platform. The 4C version of the G9 can add up to 160 miles (200 km) of CLTC range in as little as five minutes, thanks to the company’s new 480 kW S4 supercharging stations, which means it can charge from 10-80 percent in just 15 minutes.

The industry standard 3C version can charge from 10 to 80 percent in 20 minutes, which is also faster than most fast-charging EVs. Compared to other EVs constructed on a 400 V platform, the G9 exhibits significantly higher charging efficiency even using suitable third-party stations.

Along with much faster charging times, XPeng is also quickly growing its nationwide charging infrastructure. In addition to plans to deploy over 500 S4 supercharging facilities across major cities countrywide in 2023, the company launched its 1,000th charging facility and its new S4 supercharging technology in August. By 2025, XPeng hopes to set up 2,000 supercharging locations throughout China.

China’s XPeng revealed the world’s fastest charging electric vehicle: 160 miles in 5 mins
XPeng G9

"G9 is the world's fastest-charging mass-production SUV and boasts the industry's first full-scenario Advanced Driver Assistance System. This is topped off with a dual-chamber air suspension system and a luxurious smart cabin that includes a groundbreaking 5D music experience we call Xopera. G9 is a fusion of many technical innovations woven together into an elegant design and marks a significant milestone after eight years of dedication. We believe it will become the new benchmark for smart EVs, representing the last step before the realization of truly autonomous vehicles," the CEO and Chairman of XPENG, He Xiaopeng, said during G9's online launch event.

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G9’s tech specs are also impressive

Leading the mid-size SUV segment with a maximum CLTC range of 436 miles (702 km) is the G9. When converted to the WLTP range, the other two G9 models have CLTC ranges of up to 354 and 403 miles (570 and 650 km) (4WD), respectively, easily covering the majority of urban commutes.

The G9 uses improved power distribution, a high-voltage SiC powertrain, and a drag-reducing design in addition to an energy recovery system to reduce lost power and increase range. Thus, the real-world useable range of the G9 is 5–10 percent more than that of conventional EVs.

Pricing and details for XPeng's fourth production model G9 Flagship SUV for the Chinese market, have been made public. The G9 portfolio consists of three series, each with a unique driving range and a total of six variations.

There will be a total of six variations available in the G9 model, which will be offered in three series, each with a distinct driving range. These include the 4WD Performance 650E and 650X, the RWD 570G, 570E, and 702E, and a Launch Edition 650X. A dual-chamber air suspension system is standard on 4WD Performance variants. The G9 will be priced between $43,000 and $65,000, with the first deliveries to Chinese clients anticipated in October.

Additionally, the G9 makes advantage of XPENG's XNGP second-generation ADAS, which offers full-scenario driver assistance for the first time in the industry.

For superior object detection, the G9 combines 31 sensors and a front-view camera. Its front-mounted dual-LiDAR sensors cover 180 degrees, which minimizes blind areas.

The G9 can accelerate from 0-60 mph (0-100 kph) in 3.9 seconds because to the combined power of its dual motors, which can produce a maximum torque of 717 Nm and a combined output of up to 405 kW (551 horsepower) in 4WD models. The SUV has strong braking qualities as well, and it can stop completely from a speed of 60 mph (100 kph) in just 34.6 meters. The G9 boasts seven different driving settings, including Boost Mode, which accelerates the car to its maximum torque in 0.15 seconds.

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