You can carry this new electric moped in your trunk

60 miles of range in an 80-pounder moped is impressive.
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Felo motor
Felo motor


FELO, a division of FELO Technologies, unveiled the M One, a pure electric, foldable, casual mini with V2L external discharge function, at the 50th Tokyo Motor Show.

The most cutting-edge motorcycle technology will be displayed at the annual Tokyo Motor Show, one of the top five motorcycle exhibits in the world. At this auto show, FELO displayed the brand-new M-1, the FW-06 track variant, and the FW-06 with front and rear single rocker arms.

With dimensions of 1160*560*860MM, an 800MM wheelbase, a 590MM seat height, and a curb weight of 81.5 pounds (37 kg), the M One that was unveiled is described as a casual mini moped. The vehicle is powered by a 48V20Ah lithium battery pack and has a hub motor with a 400W rated power and a 1KW maximum output power. The battery has a 1-kilowatt-hour capacity, and the vehicle's top cruising distance is 60 miles (100 kilometers).

The foldable and V2L external discharge function of M-One are its two main selling advantages, according to Zhang Jingyi, founder and CEO of FELO Technologies. According to Jingyi, the M One can be folded and stored in a car's trunk or mounted to the tail of an SUV. Most vehicle enthusiasts' needs for electricity for outdoor light entertainment can be satisfied by 220V50Hz domestic AC power with Type-A two-way charging and discharging function.

Looking at M One's outside and interior, you can see how well mechanical technology and fashion life are combined. It is a pure toy designed for outdoor travel. The M One uses an integrated magnesium-aluminum alloy frame. The handle and flat faucet may be folded to retract the body, and the collapsed height is only 583MM. The automobile shell also leaves ample room for future modular growth, including components like Bluetooth speakers and searchlights, which have a lot of room for customization and give riders a world of endless riding imagination.