YouTuber tests if a Lamborghini Huracán can tow 10,000 pounds

Do not try this at home!
Loukia Papadopoulos
A Lamborghini Huracán.Alex Choi/YouTube

You may remember YouTuber Alex Choi from his experiment with a flying TeslaOn March 30, 2022, Choi posted a video in which he claimed a random driver came up with the idea of showing a place where David Dobrik, another YouTuber, jumped his Tesla.

The video included clear footage of a 2018 Tesla S-BLM going airborne in the middle of Los Angeles.

Now, the intrepid entertainer is back with another video where he gets a Lamborghini Huracán to tow a bunch of different vehicles with the ultimate goal of seeing if the sports car can carry up to 10,000 pounds.

A towing Lamborghini Huracán

Choi first explains how he fastened a custom receiver Class IV hitch to the subframe of the Lambo in two different places. He also secured it to the chassis in about the same spot as the massive rear wing.

This type of hitch is rated for 14,000 pounds which means it may be able to achieve Choi's goal of 10,000 pounds, provided the Lambo does not fall apart.

To ensure that does not happen, Choi has also installed a seven-pin trailer which is wired to the Lambo's lights and a trailer brake. But is the sports vehicle built to handle the added weight or torsional strain of a loaded trailer? Choi decides to find out.

He starts out by mounting a dirt bike to the back of the Lambo. He states that even with the bike mounted, there is no squat at all and that the suspension is holding up just fine.

But that's not enough for the YouTuber. He heads to U-Haul to get some heavier trailers. But he encounters a problem. The employee at U- Haul says the Lambo is not fit to carry such a large trailer and refuses to rent him the trailer.

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To get around this, Choi gets a friend with a pickup truck to come and rent out the heavy trailer. Clearly, he won't let anything get in the way of his experiment.

He then tries to tow a Urus, but it is too wide for the trailer. So, he mounts his Audi RS6 Avant to the trailer and proceeds to pull it with the Lambo.

A screaming engine

"The engine is screaming," he states with excitement, and the video clearly shows fire ejecting from the back of the Lambo. This cannot be good for the car, but Choi is not deterred!

He goes back to U-Haul for a wider trailer to mount the Ursu, the ride he so badly wanted to achieve. What happens on this journey?

Watch the video to find out. We definitely don't recommend trying these stunts at home unless you have a car you want to dispose of, but they do make for a very entertaining video.

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