Watch a YouTuber converting Mustang from RWD into an AWD all by himself

It sounds insane, but he is on the right track to make it happen.
Can Emir
AWD S550 Mustang.

Most people wouldn't even contemplate an all-wheel-drive conversion because 5.0L V8 Coyote engine S550 Mustangs already run crazy drag times in their standard rear-wheel-drive configuration. One insane guy, though, has decided to try it. Thankfully for us, it appears he will record everything.

The creator of this project, Tim Roman, uploaded the first video to his No Production Value Garage YouTube channel. Even though he might not have nice microphones, lighting, or production, the content will be entertaining. In the video, he details his precise steps to realize this objective. And this is not his first rodeo. The "XR4x4Ti," a turbo V8 Merkur XR4Ti, belongs to him. He, therefore, has the AWD conversion experience to support his objectives.

The idea has many problems, given that Ford didn't design the S550 Mustang to be an all-wheel-drive vehicle. Even the most seasoned custom car builders would be put off by the long list of issues, which range from choosing the right transmission and figuring out how to mate it to the legendary 5.0 to finding a place for driveshafts and a front differential. 

The preferred transmission is a six-speed manual TR6060, found in various vehicles, including the Dodge Viper. Also, the AWD V8 Dodge Challenger transfer case that will eventually power a front differential assembly contributes to the all-wheel-drive feature. To fit the Dodge transfer case, Roman had a Corvette TR6060 tail shaft housing modified. He also modified the front cover from a Tremec Magnum XL transmission so that he could use a throwout bearing assembly that was bolted on.