Tunnel Built Under a Highway in 2 Days

Tunnel Built Under a Highway in 2 Days

If you have ever lived in an area undergoing highway or roadway construction, you know just how long it can take. Having a fully functioning highway shut down can create a lot of congestion in the area,especially where there are no alternative routes. However, one Dutch construction company devised an ingenious way to eliminate almost all of the congestion associated with roadway construction, just work really fast. When you need to put a road under a current highway, that typically spells big money and expensive bridge building construction costs. Not when you complete the whole process in just 2 days. Check out the timelapse below.

The tunnel structure for the bridge was pre-built on a rail so that as soon as the roadway supports were excavated, it could be rolled into place and covered back up. It is impressive that so many machines and people in this construction crew were able to work together so seamlessly to make this whole project.

Implementing a tunnel and roadway like this obviously is a specialized solution, but the process shows how the inefficiencies in roadway construction can be mitigated. If you have ever experienced long roadway construction, what is the longest construction period or traffic delays you have experienced as a result? Let us know in the comments.

TUNNEL highway[Image Source: Amazing Videos]

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