Turkey's New Military Drones Are Gun-Toting

Turkey is set to be the first country to receive the special drones.

Turkey has revealed its new drones and they are gun-toting. They are novel machines equipped with eight rotating blades and a machine gun.


The guns are called Songar and are expected to be delivered before the end of the year. They are made by Ankara-based electronics firm Asisguard.

Overcoming drone challenges

The drones are especially created to overcome the challenges of shooting from a drone. Drones are notoriously bad shots because of their difficulty to judge range and recoil the results from each shot.

Songar, however, is equipped with sensors that efficiently measure distance, angle and wind speed. This allows the drone to know exactly where to aim. It also boasts robot arms that adjust for the effects of recoil.

The drones weigh 25 kilograms and their machine guns carry 200 rounds of ammunition and can fire single shots or 15-round bursts. According to New ScientistAsisguard claims Songar has an accuracy that corresponds to hitting a 15-centimeter area from 200 meters. That's impressive.

Working on improvements

The firm also claims it is working on improvements to Songar’s accuracy that will soon enable the drone to hit targets from more than 400 meters away. But that's not all.

The devices have day and night cameras and use both the American GPS and Russian GLONASS navigation systems. Still, the drones are not autonomous.

They need an operator to choose to open fire. They can, however, operate in groups with one remote control controlling three Songars at the same time.

Although the drone is meant to be used as a defensive system, Asisguard does acknowledge that it has enough firepower to be used for offensive missions. But let's hope that's not what its main purpose is.

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