Ukraine shares a video of their forces blasting a Russian helicopter with a missile

The explosion is breathtaking.

Ukraine shares a video of their forces blasting a Russian helicopter with a missile
Screenshots from the footage. Defence of Ukraine/Twitter

War rages on in Ukraine as Russian forces continue to attack the nation.

On Saturday morning, Ukraine's defense ministry shared a video on Twitter where it claimed that its forces had blown a Russian helicopter out of the sky.

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The footage shows the moment the Ukrainian missile strikes the aircraft.

A Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter being blown out of the sky

All is quiet at first as what is believed to be a Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopter flies over a desolate landscape with only one small town in the background. All of a sudden, a guided missile, likely a Stinger, is seen coming in from the right of the frame straight towards the chopper.

Before the helicopter can even react, the powerful rocket strikes it sending flames spurting out of it and transforming it into one giant fireball. It then crashes into a field exploding with full force in a pristine area believed to be near Kyiv.

30 helicopters and 30 warplanes

Ukraine had made claims that it has already taken down more than 30 military helicopters and 30 more military aircraft. But will such victories be enough for Ukraine to reclaim its land? Time will tell...

This is a developing story and will be updated shortly.

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