UPS Unveils New Electric Trucks That Look Straight out of a Cartoon

UPS will start testing its new fleet of cute electric trucks in London and Paris before the end of the year.

UPS Unveils New Electric Trucks That Look Straight out of a Cartoon

UPS has unveiled new electric truck and it looks too cute to work. The new fleet of 35 lightweight trucks has a rounded retro-futuristic look that many are comparing to the animation studio, Pixar’s aesthetic. 

UPS said they are working with vehicle manufacturer ARRIVAL on the pilot fleet of electric trucks that have a range of 150 miles on a single charge. UPS will test the trucks in Paris and London before the end of the year. 

The high tech trucks feature a "highly advanced vehicle display," and a wrap-around windshield that gives drivers a wide view of the road. Embedded Advanced Driver Assistance Systems aim to reduce driver fatigue. 

UPS to wean off fossil fuels

“UPS is working with ARRIVAL here in the UK because their smart electric vehicles are helping to reduce dependency on fossil fuel. This is a pioneering collaboration that helps UPS develop new ways to reduce our emissions,” said Luke Wake, international director for automotive engineering in the advanced technology group at UPS. 

“UPS is marshaling its global scale to encourage innovation within the automotive industry. We are helping to drive demand for these disruptive technologies. 

The result is a safer and cleaner fleet for the communities in which we deliver.” UPS have been collaborating with ARRIVAL since 2016 and the trucks have gone through several iterations and design developments before getting to this final stage. 

Trucks will be friendlier to cyclists

“We’re excited to collaborate with UPS to create an affordable, modular, fully electric delivery vehicle designed to make deliveries in our busy cities clean and quiet,” said Denis Sverdlov, CEO of ARRIVAL. “With its unique, wrap-around front window the driver has a much wider field of view that improves not only the safety of the driver but also that of cyclists and pedestrians.” 


UPS Places a $25 Million Dollar Order for Tesla Semi Truck

UPS Places a $25 Million Dollar Order for Tesla Semi Truck

UPS has prioritized electromobility and has more than 9,000 vehicles worldwide operating using alternative propulsion methods. The logistics giant claims it has ‘one of the largest private and most diverse alternative fuel and advanced technology fleets in the entire logistics industry.’ 

“This initiative will help UPS attain its global carbon reduction goals for the company’s facilities and fleets,” said Peter Harris, director for sustainability at UPS Europe. “We will continue working with our partners, communities, and customers to spark innovation, thus leading the industry toward a more sustainable future.” 

UPS’s relationship with electric vehicles stretches back to the 1930’s and continues strongly today. UPS currently has more than 300 electric vehicles deployed in Europe and the U.S., and nearly 700 hybrid electric vehicles. 

UPS backs Tesla Semi

UPS has also been among the first big-name clients to sign on to the Tesla semi. UPS have ordered 125 trucks from Tesla creating the largest pre-order so far. In 2016 UPS achieved its goal of achieving covering 1 billion miles (1.6 billion kilometers) using its fleet of alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles. The milestone was passed a full one year before the intended date.

Via: UPS

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