Lernstift - a Pen That Warns for Mistakes

Lernstift - a Pen That Warns for Mistakes

Many (probably “all” would be better to say) text processing computer programs tell you if you make a spelling mistake. But when you were a kid there was nothing to warn for mistakes while you were learning to write. A solution of this task is offered to modern kids by “Lernstift”, one of many Kickstarter crowd-funded projects.

lernstift_tech_captions[Image Source: Lernsift]

According to the inventors, it is the first truly intelligent pen because all the tech and software is built-in. It could be combined with digital applications or used independently.

Lernstift_Prototype-613[Image Source: Lernsift]

The software mentioned above is exactly an embedded Linux system. The pen has processor, motion sensor, WiFi, vibration module and a memory card inside an oval shape without sharp edges.

Lernstift_Prototype-613t[Image Source: Lernsift]

Lernstift calculates the 2D path mathematically, i.e. the normal shape of letters written by hand. Creating such precise 2D path is not as easy as expected due to sensor noises and several mathematical difficulties.

Lernstift_Packshot_vibrierend[Image Source: Lernsift]

The developers are not inventing the handwriting recognition itself, but they cooperate with software developers for the computing engine of the pen. The engine is tested on tons of tablets and smartphones around the world, but the application in the pen has its own requirements.

The mass production will most probably start within the first three months of 2014.

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