10 Incredibly Useful Drill Bits You’ll Fall in Love With

These drill bits are the nest best thing since sliced bread.
Christopher McFadden

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If you enjoyed our last summary of useful drill bits to make your DIY life easier, then we've got some more eye candy for you here. These drill bits will are so useful, you are bound to fall in love with them very quickly. 

Here are some great examples. 

Included bits/accessories list

Let's see what these awesome tools are made of. 

Bit 1: Metric deburr countersink bit

awesome bits deburr countersink
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The first amazing and useful drill but you really need in your toolkit is a metric deburr countersink bit. This bit comes in a range of sizes, is invaluable for anyone who does their fair share of metalwork. 

Countersink your screw holes within worrying about having to clean up the metal afterward. It also cuts a screw thread at the same time! Win, win.

Bit 2: Self-centering hinge drill bit

awesome bits self centering hinge
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The self-centering hinge drill bit is another incredibly useful drill bit. Like other bits on this list, it also comes in a range of sizes. 

This bit is simply a must if you struggle with fitting hinges to doors or other woodwork. Once you've tried one, you'll never go back.

Bit 3: Step drill bit

awesome bits step drill
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

The step drill bit is, frankly, one hell of a drill accessory. If you've never used a step drill bit before, trust us when we say the ability to drill different sized holes with one tool is one of the best things since sliced bread. 

This bit works equally well on wood or some soft metals. Give it a go, you can thank us later. 

Bit 4: Mini HSS circular saw blades

awesome blades mini saw blades
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Yet another amazing drill bit/drill accessory is mini HSS circular saw blades. Each kit usually comes with a range of sizes of blades that can easily attach and detach from its mounting pin. 

To use it, just fix the mounting pin into the chuck of your drill, and away you go! These blades are pretty versatile and can cut wood, plastic, and some metals too. 

Who needs a Dremel anyway? 

Bit 5: Shank rotary file drill bits

awesome drill bits shank
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Another handy drill bit is the shank rotary file drill bit. Each set usually comes in a range of sizes and shapes that can be easily fixed into the chuck of your drill. 

Make short work of filing, or shaping, various materials, like wood with this amazing drill bit. 

Bit 6: Damaged screw/bolt extractor drill bits

awesome tools damaged screw remover
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Stripped screw (or bolt) heads is frankly one of the most infuriating things if you do a lot of DIY. But, there is actually a specific drill bit that can sort that problem out for you in double time — a damaged screw/bolt extractor bit. 

As with other bits, simply fix it into your drill, line up the bit with the damaged screw head, and let the tool do its magic. Never worry about stripping screws ever again. 

Bit 7: Metal flexible extension drill shaft

awesome bits flexible extension
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Power drills are amazingly useful tools, but they can be bulky and unwieldy at times (like tight spaces). While you may normally resort to your trusty screwdrivers or ratchets to get the job done by hand, there is another way. 

A flexible extensions drill shaft is simply perfect for tightening those hard-to-reach screws. 

Bit 8: Hex shank countersink drill bit

awesome bits hex borer
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

This beast of the drill bit is one of the best things on the market if you find yourself boring holes through wood regularly. Simply secure it in your drill chuck, and cut some perfect holes, or deep countersinks, every single time. 


Bit 9: Countersink drill bit

awesome bits countersink bits
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

While regular drill bits are fine for creating pilot holes for your screws most of the time, you'll often need to countersink the hole to keep the screw heads flush with the wood. Instead of switching out the bits to accomplish this, wouldn't it be great if one tool could do both tasks? 

You'll be pleased to find out that that is exactly what a countersink drill bit is designed to do! Yippee. 

Bit 10: Flat drill bit

awesome bits flat drill bits
Source: Junkyard - Origin of Creativity/YouTube

Lastly, if you need to drill perfect holes through wood, then this next drill bit is simply a must for your toolkit. The flat drill bit comes in a range of sizes and makes very short work of this task. 

Grab yourself a few. 

And that's your lot. Now all you need is some DIY project to put some, or all, of these drill bits to work. How about, for example, making a new desk for your home? 

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