100 Ton of Pressure versus 50 Sheets of Glass

The battle is a little lopsided. 50 sheets of glass shattered by the immense power of the hydraulic press in a video by Life Hacks & Experiment.
Jessica Miley

This old video from Life Hacks & Experiments uses the familiar format of the press channel to crush various objects under intense pressure. 

Without the charming hosts, this video isn’t too captivating, a series of toys and candy gets flattened. The climax of the video is 50 sheets of glass getting placed under the aim of the 100-ton press. 

The glass starts to succumb in quite a beautiful way with small cracks turning the profile of the stack into a digitalesque glitch screen.

The slow burn isn't viewed worthy enough for the makers of the video though and they speed up the destruction of the glass by placing a steel ball on top of the sheets to cause more series damage. 

The glass predictably shattered when the ball is pushed through the layers. Pseudoscience videos that rely solely on destructive endings, slow motion and the reverse effect are a little touring. But back in 2017 when this video was made, it may have been a little more cutting edge. 

The channel doesn’t linger on the press too much and offers a page of ‘science’ video that generally revolves around destroying something and calling it an experiment.



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Add Interesting Engineering to your Google News feed.
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