Watch a 150-Ton Hydraulic Press Test How Strong Money Really Is

Can currencies hold up against the internet's most famous hydraulic press?

In its latest video, the Hydraulic Press Channel, which is basically a Finnish couple who press random objects into oblivion, the power of the world's many currencies in the only way they know how: Using the intense destructive force of their 150-ton hydraulic press. 

The duo explains that the hosts of the Leftover Currency channel sent them a bunch of nearly worthless cash, so naturally, they had to give it a go. From stacks of bills to coins, all sorts of money undergoes the hydraulic press treatment, and needless to say, they don't hold up pretty well. While coins do what you'd expect them to do, banknotes put on a spectacular show. If you want to learn which is the strongest, you'll need to watch the video embedded above for that.

If you're interested in seeing more destruction, you can watch this video to see whether a glass ball can stop a hydraulic press or this one to see diamonds crack under pressure. Enjoy!

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